11 Signs That Prove You Have The Best Husband Ever!

11 Signs That Prove You Have The Best Husband Ever!

He loves you and cares for you like no other, yes. But what makes him eligible for the best-hubby-in-the-world award? No, it’s not grand gestures or expensive gifts, but little acts of unconditional love that make him stand out. Here are 11 such signs that show you have the best husband ever!

1. He would go against his parents, your parents and just about anyone else for you.

He respects his family and loves them more than anyone else in the world, yes, but he also understands his responsibility towards you, as his wife. You know he won’t hesitate to stand with you and support you, even if it means going against someone close to him.

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2. He respects your decisions and choices in life.

He doesn’t dictate terms to you and lets you make your own choices. In fact, he makes you a part of all decisions that he knows would affect your life too, along with his own. He respects your intelligence and judgement and doesn’t doubt your ability as an individual.

3. He is your most ardent cheerleader and also your harshest critic.

His honest opinion is your rock in life. He’s like a mirror to all your actions. He celebrates your successes more than you do and is also critical of everything that keeps you from achieving your dreams. He keeps pushing you to do better than before and achieve more than ever.

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4. He makes an effort to pleasure you in bed.

Women need that extra zing and effort to climax in bed. That’s a fact well known to mankind. But what mankind doesn’t know as well is that not as many men make that effort. But you’re lucky, for your husband spends time on foreplay, waits till you’re in the mood and keeps going till you orgasm.

5. He is romantic and his actions speak of his love for you, even outside of the bedroom.

He doesn’t shy away from holding your hand, kissing your cheek, playing with your hair and hugging you lightly in public. In fact, he loves showing you off as his partner for life, to the world. His actions speak louder than his words, of his love for you.

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6. He makes you a part of his day, his friend circle, his passions, his dreams, his life.

He makes sure you are a part of everything that’s important to him and keeps you in the loop with his daily life and his visions, five years down the line too. He doesn’t make you feel left out, and is just as interested in your life and passions too.

7. He makes you laugh.

Don’t you underestimate the power of laughing together, woman. Can you imagine how boring life would get if you wouldn’t be able to laugh in it, along with your partner? A man who can make you laugh is worth it.

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8. And can’t see you cry.

He doesn’t do anything to upset you, and if something does hurt you and cause you to cry – he holds your hand, hugs you tight, wipes off your tears, helps you deal with the problem and sits beside you through it all.

9. He calls you by silly, cute little names.

He is super innovative when it comes to keeping pet names for you. From cuddle bear to cutie, he always has a silly name reserved just for you. And the special thing about these pet names is that they make you feel exclusive.

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10. He is always there for you.

Early morning, late at night, when he’s busy or when you’re down – he’s only a call away. Come what may, you know he will be there for you and this little thing makes you feel amazingly safe and strong. Like, you could face all the troubles of this world.

11. You know he will make a great father to your future kids.

It’s a future event, yes, but an event you look forward to, only because of him. You know your kids would be lucky to have a father like him, and secretly, you can’t wait to see him play with them and bring them up, some day.

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