11 Signs That He’s The Chandler Bing Of Your Life!!

11 Signs That He’s The Chandler Bing Of Your Life!!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S showed us how adulting works. From heartbreaks to a perfect love story, it had almost everything. Speaking of a perfect love story, can we take a moment to admire how amazing Chandler Bing is? From being a dysfunctional adult with severe commitment issues, to the best boyfriend any girl can ever dream of, Chandler Bing has wowed us with his charm, forever! Ladies, if you too have a boyfriend who does the following things for you then he is definitely the Bingaling of your life!

1. If he is funny!

One of the dialogues that Chandler is known for is ‘I’m not great at the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?’. Chandler Bing was hands down the funniest guy ever and if your guy has a sense of humour just like him… Well, don’t let him go!

chandler bing 1

2. He loves animals

It’s alright if he does not own them as pets but just knowing that he loves animals just shows his compassion and love towards these super cute beings. You know how much Chandler loved the chick and the duck, right?

3. He acknowledges his weaknesses

Remember how awkward he got when they bumped into Richard (Monica’s ex) but admitted it later? If your boyfriend admits his weaknesses and embraces them, then he sure is brave and honest.

chandler bing 3

4. He is super supportive of your choices

When Chandler let Monica stay back in NYC while he had to work in Tulsa, he had our heart. Ladies, if your guy is super supportive of your choices in life and pushes you to be the boss of your own life, he is a true gentleman.

5. If he owns you in front of everyone

We all want someone who turns around and says, ‘That’s my girl’. We love how Chandler expressed his love for Monica in front of everyone. That was actually one of the best parts of the show.

chandler bing 5

6. If he knows how to keep his past, IN HIS PAST!

No matter how many back and forths he had with Janice for over 5 years, he made sure that when he was with Monica, he never looked back. If your guy, owns you with all his heart in spite of his intense past, then put a ring on it!

7. He knows your flaws and loves you anyway

He may point them out to you but only because he cares for you. He loves you inspite of them, you see. We all cracked up when Chandler told Monica that she is ‘sometimes’ high maintenance, but that didn’t mean he loved her any less.

chandler bing 7

8. He puts up with all your quirks

Monica was obsessed with cleanliness, and Chandler was nothing like that. Yet, he did everything to make sure he didn’t make the nerve in her forehead pop too often! If your boyfriend sticks by you knowing that you have some habits that are completely different from his, he truly is in love with you!

9. He is a great friend… To you and to his other friends

Being in a relationship does not mean you love your friends any less. Not only did his friendship with Joey and others remain the same, but he was equally a good friend to Monica. If your boyfriend shares the same quality, then ladies, he’s your Chandler for sure.

chandler bing 9

10. He is very witty!

Guys let’s admit is - Chandler is VERY witty and wittiness is actually a big turn on. If your guy is witty and you know it, it is surely a treat worth appreciating.

11. He makes you feel like you’re blessed

Not very often in our lives do we meet someone who changes the way we think about relationships. In this world where people are struggling to last together for a little while, Chandler made the transition from being a friend to a boyfriend and eventually to a husband really smooth!

chandler bing 11chandler bing 11

Let there be love!

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