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10 Signs You Should Tell Him You Love Him - Yes, Do It Already!

10 Signs You Should Tell Him You Love Him - Yes, Do It Already!

Ladies, falling in love is not something that happens overnight. And it takes an even longer time to actually confess your feelings to the guy you are in love with. So how do you know it’s finally time to say ‘I love you’ to him? Here are 10 signs to look out for!

1. It’s kinda weird to not see or talk to him everyday

Your day just feels incomplete and boring when he is not around.


2. A text from him puts a smile on your face

Even it is just a ‘Hey’ or a simple good morning text… As soon as his name flashes on the screen, your lips automatically curl into a smile.

3. When he casually flirts with you, you cannot help but blush!

And he enjoys seeing you blush all cutesy and red!


4. You have found yourself daydreaming about the day you both finally confess your growing feelings

It kinda scares you but also makes you oh-so-happy! It’s almost as if you cannot wait for that day anymore!

5. When you imagine your future, he is in it.

It’s almost impossible to think of life without him!


6. It seems almost impossible to think of dating someone else.

And you secretly don’t want him to date anyone else ever again either!

7. You have typed the words ‘I love you’ or ‘I like you’ on text and erased them… Multiple times!

There have been way too many almost-texts now!


8. When you have a quarrel with him, you can’t help but feel restless until you have made up.

And there’s this weird sensation in your gut that you just cannot get rid of till you have sorted everything out with him.

9. You are comfortable but he can still make your heart skip a beat

Comfort and attraction exist in just the right proportions and you couldn’t possibly find someone you trust more than you trust him.


10. You feel kinda jealous when you see someone hitting on him

You just cannot stand anyone else flirting with him and that’s kinda cute!

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