13 *Sexy* Questions To Text Him To Get Him In The Mood!

13 *Sexy* Questions To Text Him To Get Him In The Mood!

For some, talking dirty face to face can be a little tough which is why Gen-X communicate a lot through text messages. If you’re not around bae but still want to turn him on, look no further because here are 15 sexy questions to ask to turn him on over texts. You know how sometimes, you just never get enough of him? Yes we know too! *Wink*

1. Did you know that you’re incredibly sexy?

Of course, he does!

1 sexy questions

2. What are you wearing right now?

Because I am not wearing anything!

3. What is the sexual fantasy that you want me to fulfil?

I promise, your wish is my command.

4. What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

I might have already done it to you! (In my head)

5. What’s your favourite position?

I am pretty sure it will be mine too!

5 sexy questions

6. What do you want me to wear tonight?

Nothing is a completely acceptable answer, FYI!

7. Where would you like to kiss me first?

Let’s start with the lips and move on to...

8. If I was with you right now, what would you do to me?

Say it already because I can’t wait no more.

9. I’m typing with one hand, but do you know where my other hand is?


9 sexy questions

10. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

No matter what his answer is, you have sexperiment to try ASAP!

11. What are you sleeping in, tonight?

Coz’ I am planning to sleep naked.

12. I just ate dinner, can I have something hot for dessert?

Decode: YOU!

13. Can you guess the colour of my panties?

You’ll be right even if you guess it wrong, because… Ahem!

13 sexy questions

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