10 Hot 'Sex Surprises’ For Your First Wedding Anniversary

10 Hot 'Sex Surprises’ For Your First Wedding Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is almost as special as the wedding night. In terms of getting all hot and naughty in bed, it is! Whether you’ve planned to fly away to an exotic location or indulge in a romantic dinner, it is the sex that you’re looking forward to the most. And ladies, we know you want to make it super special and oh-so-hot. Here are 10 sexy, naughty, kinky sex suprises to give your husband.

1. Put on that costume

You’ve worn the sexiest lingerie and the most seductive baby dolls to bed all through the year. But have you ever tried on a real costume?! Dressing up as a nurse, a sexy police officer or a bar dancer. Now if that doesn’t send your man into a frenzy, what else will?!

1 sex surprises

2. Tease him at dinner

So you’re both out for the big anniversary dinner at a swanky new restaurant when you politely excuse yourself to use the washroom. Come back and whisper in his ears that you’re not wearing any panties. Ladies, this one is sure to get his excitement levels up and how!

3. Ditch the bed

A year of marriage and all you’ve ever had sex on is your own sweet bed?! It’s now time to spice things up a little. Just when you feel he’s all hot and turned on, pull him up and lead him to that dining table top instead. The thrill of getting out of the bed and to see you taking charge, will be a surprise like no other.

3 sex surprises

4. A new position is all it takes!

Invite him to try out a new sex position on your anniversary night. Cowgirl, 69, doggy style...we bet you’ve not tried all of them yet. Shed all your inhibitions and get on with it like never before. We doubt he ever expected a surprise as naughty as this one!

5. A naughty note

Is he not able to take a day off from work even on this special day? No problem girl! Just write down a dirty note, something like, ‘Can’t wait to have you between my legs tonight!’ and slip it in his pocket. He’ll not just be back early but that note is so going to keep him excited for the night that awaits.

5 sex surprises

6. A quickie before work!

A surprise is when your partner least expects it. And he’s definitely not thinking about it as he dresses for work. So do as we say and pull him closer right after he steps out of the shower. Get down on your knees and surprise him with a quick blow job. Trust us, it’ll be the best morning of his life. *Wink*

7. A sexy dance

Dim those lights and dress up in your lacy black lingerie and heels. Put on a seductive track and show him those sexy dance moves. To see his woman dancing like that will be an all new high for him. And what comes after it will be even better!

7 sex surprises

8. Talk to him…

… But make it really, really dirty! If he’s never ever heard you talk so explicitly…this is going to drive him wild. Tell him exactly how you want him to touch you, talk about your fantasies, your desires and for that moment just shed all your inhibitions. Talking dirty can be a major turn on, and if you haven’t already, you gotta do it on your first anniversary.

9. Leave a trail

Send your hubby out for a bit and greet him with a trail of your clothes when he returns. Leave the door open and let your jeans be lying on the floor. A few steps further and there lies your top, a sexy bra, lacy panties…it’ll not take more than a few seconds for his mind, body and heart to start racing! Lie down on the bed in nothing but your heels and you know exactly what comes next!

9 sex surprises

10. Nothing like a hot tub

So you’ve booked a gorgeous resort to bring in your special day! Now make the most of that tub and surprise him by preparing an exotic bath. Lukewarm water, candles, rose petals and champagne by the side. Now that sure sounds like a heady mix.

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