10 Rumours About Sex NO Girl Should Believe!

10 Rumours About Sex NO Girl Should Believe!

Haven’t we all come across rumours about sex that are SO outrageous that you wonder who in the world even came up with them? We’ve rounded up a list of some myths that have scared as well as baffled girls and boys since forever. Read on to gain some extra knowledge or to just have a good laugh… Here are 10 sex rumours that aren’t true, at all!

1. You can’t get preggers if you have sex on your period

Except that you CAN get pregnant at any time of the month with unprotected sex.

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2. G-Spots don’t exist

Erm, no! Just because you can’t see and point them out like an elbow or a knee doesn’t mean they are a figment of your imagination.

3. Squirting? That does NOT happen!

Well, squirting as rarely as it may occur, is a real phenomenon.

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4. Aphrodisiacs boost your libido

As exciting as it may be to see your man’s chocolate-coated fruit, science says that aphrodisiacs don’t have any effect on one’s libido.

5. Having Mountain Dew lowers the semen count in men

That was probably just a naughty school girl who started this rumour to freak all the boys out!

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6. Men think about sex every seven seconds

Fact: Research shows that men tend to think about 34 times a day, while women think about it 19 times a day. Surprised? So are we!

7. You can tell the size of a man’s penis by the size of his feet, hands or even his nose

As much as we wish this were true, it is a MYTH. You gotta see it to believe it! *Tadaa*

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8. Masturbation can be bad for health

Trust us, that is just an old wives’ tale to keep men and women from pleasuring themselves.

9. Wearing two condoms is better than one

While more the merrier usually holds true but not so much in the case of condoms. Wearing two condoms during sex causes friction and increases the chances of a contraceptive failure, thus actually increasing the odds of causing pregnancy.

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10. Sexual position affects the baby’s gender

Sorry to break it to you but some things are just out of our control and it’s better we let them stay that way.

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