10 Tiny Risks It's Okay To Take When You're In Love!

10 Tiny Risks It's Okay To Take When You're In Love!

We’ve often heard people tell us about love and how it is all about taking risks. We couldn’t agree more. After all, we know the famous saying ‘ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai’. Here are 10 tiny risks you take in love, and they’re all worth it!

1. Letting him see your naked body

1 risks you take in love

It’s nerve-wrecking and you can’t help those negative thoughts in your mind but there is nothing that compares to the feeling of being naked in front of someone you love. The raw tension of just being who you are, no hidden flaws is just beautiful. And it is even better when he loves you the way you are.

2. Dates at public places

Well, what could be worse than getting caught on a date by your parents or relatives? We know exactly what it’s like! But, hey, it’s still worth it if you can spend those few precious hours with your man!

3. Bunking college to meet him

3 risks you take in love

Education always comes first, we second that! But what’s college life if you don’t bunk a few classes now and then? Let loose and go on that lunch date instead!

4. Being vulnerable

When you get into a relationship or fall in love, you are bound to open up to your partner. Which leaves you at a vulnerable spot. There is nothing you can do about it except knowing that he is in the same position too!

5. Going on your first vacay with him

5 risks you take in love

We know travelling together is #RelationshipGoals but trusting someone enough to actually travel with them? It doesn’t come easy! So what do you do? Well, of course, you risk it? If you think the person is right for you then you know he is certainly right to travel with! Trust us, travelling together helps strengthen your bond like never before.

6. Initiating things

Initiating anything takes a lot of courage. It could be confessing your feelings or maybe starting things up in the bedroom but it is always a task, leaving you open for a rejection. The fact that you still go for it speaks volumes about how much you care for that person, doesn’t it?

7. Telling white lies to your parents

7 risks you take in love

We love our parents and if we could, we would never ever lie to them but sometimes, we know they will overreact to some situations. In such situations, we always resort to white lies. Nothing major, just a few changes here and there. Though it makes us feel sad, we know it’s something we have to do for our relationship.

8. Sharing your first-time experiences with him

Your first kiss, first time sex, first time trying out new things inside and outside the bedroom - you get to share all this and more with the person you love. Of course, every relationship has the risk of not working out which means all these memories might have to be forgotten someday but you do it anyway because how will you forget memories if you don’t make them first?

9. Opening up about your past

9 risks you take in love

Usually, we rather forgive and forget our past. But when you actually start liking somebody, you find yourself talking about your past and confiding in them and while that is a risk you take, you know that this is one way your partner can actually get to know you better.

10. Taking yourself off the ‘market’

No matter how challenging being in a relationship can be, deciding that this person is who you want to be in a relationship with will always be the tougher challenge. The decision to consciously decide to take yourself ‘off the market’ and dedicate as much love as you’ve got to one person is a risk you will be glad you took!

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