11 Signs Your Mom Is The *Real* Superhero In Your Life!

11 Signs Your Mom Is The *Real* Superhero In Your Life!

Superheros have this knack of disguising themselves as a plain and simple person. Look at Batman, Superman, and even Shaktimaan. Well, there’s one more superhero, who is disguised as a regular homo sapien, but is most certainly not just that. That superhero is mom! All our moms. Because let’s face it, if she wasn’t around to help us get through life, we would all be a hot mess! Here’s why all mothers are superheroes!

1. She can find stuff we lost a decade ago!

And no she doesn’t even have to rummage through all our stuff! She just makes a beeline for it and bam! It magically appears from the very same place where we probably looked just a minute ago!

1 moms are superheros

2. She may not have a cape but she can fly alright!

Whenever and wherever we may need her, she is always there for us. She doesn’t mind crossing oceans and borders to reach us. And oh...she also gets cookies! *grin*

3. She has the patience of a million Gods!

Because she tolerates all our bullsh*t and tantrums. And if that’s not a superpower, then we don’t know what is. Because let’s face it, we can be a bit cray cray at times!

3 moms are superheros

4. She has a bag full of magic hugs!

Which she generously gives out, when the world just does not make any sense and life feels too blah! There’s nothing warmer, and more comforting than her hugs, she has all the right kinds too.

5. She’s faster than flash!

While we struggle to complete five tasks in our 24 hour day, she manages to do 50 of them! Godspeed, mom!

5 moms are superheros

6. She can read minds!

She knows exactly what we want and when we want it! And sometimes she knows it better than we do. It’s uncanny but so sweet!

7. She’s always right!

OMG how does she do that? No, seriously! It’s a tad bit scary sometimes. It’s almost like she can predict the future!

7 moms are superheros

8. She’s our one-woman cheerleading squad!

Because even when we have doubts about ourselves, she is there for us, cheering us on… Always! *Heart*

9. She has magic potions that can cure anything!

All the doctors in the world may give us the best medicines, but unless she is around, nothing really works. And, let’s face it, there ain’t anything her haldi wala dudh hasn’t cured!

9 moms are superheros

10. Her food tastes like little bites of heaven!

And when we decide to make the same dish, not even the crows want to eat it…

11. She is super badass! No… Super-duper badass!

Woe betide the one who tries to harm us - well, it’s end of days for them!

11 moms are superheros

GIFs: Tumblr