10 Questions About Boobs That Almost Every Woman Has… Answered!

10 Questions About Boobs That Almost Every Woman Has… Answered!

Our breasts are often shrouded with this element of secrecy, as if it is not a body part but something larger than life and overtly significant which needs to be doused with silence. We are apprehensive to sprint, jump or even inspect them for some godforsaken reason. But ladies, we have got you covered. Here are the answers to all questions about boobs you were too embarrassed to ask!

1. What to do with a stray nipple hair?

Nipple hair is often caused by hormones and can be as common as chin hair. And the fix is really simple too. Just tweeze it very carefully or you could go for a permanent like laser hair removal. As the area is very sensitive, keep in mind to not use a razor.

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2. How to reduce stretch marks around the boobs?

Depending on weight gain or loss, breasts tend to fluctuate in size, resulting in stretch marks. There is not much you can do about them except for going for a laser treatment. However, if you get stretch marks in spite of a consistent body weight, it is a sign that your body produces too much of the hormone cortisol and you should get it checked by a doctor.

3. What causes itching in that area?

The skin near your bust is definitely not immune to possible irritants that make your skin uncomfortable. The irritation can be from the clothes that you are wearing or due to dry skin. For the latter, you could use a moisturiser. Itchy nipples can also be caused by the hormonal changes occurring in your body during pregnancy.

4. How to deal with icky breakouts?

Your chest can also have acne breakouts - which occur just outside the areola. This is usually caused due to skin cells clogging pores, oil accumulation, bacteria, and inflammation - it is best to start addressing this with a gentle exfoliator like salicylic acid. However, acne could have many components to it - genetic being one of them, so treating it with just one product might be difficult.

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5. Why do we get rashes there?

Accumulation of sweat in the bust area is quite the ideal environment for the growth of yeast, which results in red, bumpy rashes. Use medicated anti-fungal powder and keep the area dry to prevent this.

6. How to reduce fine lines?

If you remember to apply sunscreen and anti-ageing products on your skin, don’t forget the region beyond your neck too. Like we said before, the area is sensitive and has thin skin which can incur vital damage from the sun on a daily basis. And for repairing the existing fine lines you can use an antioxidant serum containing vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid, or resveratrol.

7. And what about darkened nipples?

When nipples turn a shade darker, it is usually the first sign of pregnancy but hormonal changes owing to your menstrual cycle could also cause this. It could also be the side effect from medication. If it concern you, the best bet for this would be to consult a doctor first.

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8. Why is my one boob bigger than the other?

Many women are worried about their boobs not being the same size and what’s normal in this regard is entirely subjective. Unless it is something dramatic and drastic, you need not worry about it.

9. What leads to a bumpy areola?

As there are oil glands near the areola, an acne breakout is always a possibility. It is important to clean the area with soap and remove sweaty bras soon after your workouts. If the bumps continue to hurt, you should see a dermatologist.

10. What to do about chaffing boobs?

An ill-fitting bra could lead to painful, raw patches - also called chaffing. Runners can have chaffing breasts from irritating fabric of a sports bra that doesn’t fit well. To soothe the skin and keep it from getting worse apply petroleum jelly that will moisturize and calm any inflammation.

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