POPxo Partners With Ola!

POPxo Partners With Ola!

When it comes to getting our way around the city, who doesn’t love hailing a cab? It’s affordable, comfortable and so SUPER easy. All we have to do is whip out our phones, tap on the ‘Ola’ app and we’re ready to head to our next destination. The only problem we usually face is when we get stuck in annoying traffic!

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Well, we have an announcement that will make your travel time super exciting! We are thrilled to tell you that we have successfully partnered with OLA, India’s largest leading of app for transportation. So next time you’re sitting in a cab, you’ll be able to catch our amazing video, on the go!

‘Our partnership with Ola will provide a platform for millions of commuters to engage with POPxo content,’ our Founder and CEO, Priyanka Gill announced, ‘People spend over 40 minutes in every single ride, our association with Ola Play gives commuters the option of having a much more entertaining time on their journey,’ she added.

'Today millions of our customers commuting in Ola's Play cabs are women. Consequently, our association with POPxo, a popular platform for women-centric content, is quite significant!' said Ankit Jain, Sr. Director and Head of Ola Play.

With over 120 million engagements across platforms per month, POPxo has over 90 million views original videos, created and shot in-house which will act as a genuine source of entertainment for all the passengers. So yes, you’ll have plenty of things to watch!

We are very thrilled to be a part of this awesome journey and can’t wait to entertain people on the go!