An Open Letter To The Guy Who Left Me Because I Was ‘Short’

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Left Me Because I Was ‘Short’

To the boy who dumped me because I was short,

Thank you!

I am sure you’re probably thinking that I hate you for doing what you did to me but hating you will give you the power to hurt me, again. It’s true that I felt very strongly for you. It’s true that I was hoping that things would work out between us but, thank you! Thank you for making me realize that I am much more than what you think of me.

I have to admit that I have cried lots and lots of tears and that does not make me a weak person. Seeing your ‘I love you’ messages turn to ‘I am busy’ made me fidgety but they didn’t weaken my spirit. There was a time when I would literally kill to see your name pop up on my phone screen but now I ask myself - ‘What was all that for, anyway?’

So, you’re this tall handsome guy who knows what he wants in life, right? But I feel sorry for you.

When we started dating, I remember you mentioned your ex girlfriend was a tall girl but who would have thought that that’s actually something I will have to care about - or keep caring about for a long time? You broke up with me because I was not tall enough.

Here’s the thing, even after constant contemplation about whether I am worthy enough to be with someone or not - I don’t hate you. Even after knowing that a physical attribute can actually be a reason why you don’t want to be with me - I don’t hate you. I have spent months, self loathing and finding tiny faults in myself - but I don’t hate you. Even after coming back home with swollen feet because of the heels - I still don’t hate you.

the guy who dumped me for being short Internal

I pity you. For your thoughts. I pity you that you couldn’t make up your mind. I am sorry that I couldn’t magically grow taller in those three months. I am sorry that you never noticed how tall I was when you first met me. And I am sorry that it all had to be this way. See, don’t get me wrong. What you do in your life and what you want out of it is a personal choice but why lead someone on?

I no longer wish to be a person who doubts herself. I want to thank you for letting me believe that people can actually break up over idiotic reasons and that is FINE. People can tell you stories about being together forever and strand you. You know what they say - ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. You hurt me but you made me strong. Strong enough to know that good things come in small packages. So, I am summing this up by saying thank you. Thank you, yet again for being selfish and making me a better person. A stronger person!


Your tiny friend!

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