10 Things To Add To Your ‘To-Do’ If You Just Got Engaged!

10 Things To Add To Your ‘To-Do’ If You Just Got Engaged!

There is something special about being engaged, about knowing that you are going to get married soon and planning everyday for it. But wedding planning is no child’s play, for it can turn the best of us into bridezillas! Lest you tumble down that road, have a look at this brief roadmap of things you must keep in mind when planning for your wedding, right after getting engaged. This list is the first step to your dream wedding…

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1. But first, announce it to the world in style.

Don’t just drop the bomb on Facebook with a post saying you’re engaged. (How ordinary is that?) Plan it instead with a picture and a caption that’ll make your friends and relatives go aww. Pose with the ring or with the husband-to-be, but make it extraordinary. Let’s start this journey on an awesome note, shall we?

1 planning for your wedding

2. Dream the wedding of your dreams and decide on a date and a place for it.

Do you want a winter wedding or a summer one? Against beach backdrop or at a beautiful resort? Ponder over the pros and cons in each situation and decide on a date for your wedding, accordingly. Only when you have a rough idea about the date and venue can you plan other important things.

3. Mark your calendar and set a timetable for the D-day.

Fittings and trials take time and it’s best not to rush these things and be disappointed later. Apart from this, you’d also have to take leave from work and schedule everything in advance, so count the days you have and get going, already.

3 planning for your wedding

4. Draw up a rough wedding budget.

How much are you and/or your parents willing to spend on the venue, the invites, the caterer and the photographer? Most people end up spending much more than they plan to at weddings. It’s best, then, to have a clear idea of the allotted budget for every specific thing and spend accordingly.

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5. Spend time online and get an idea of how you want things to look.

From the lehenga to the Mehendi décor, from wedding favours to pre-wedding shots – the internet is bursting with wedding inspiration and we hope you make good use of it. It will keep you in the loop with the latest trends and help you form a clearer picture of how you want things to be.

5 planning for your wedding

6. Get booking!

If you want vendors of your choice, speak to them now! The best in the industry often find themselves booked months in advance, so have the first movers’ advantage and book your venue, photographer and caterer in time to avoid last minute panic.

7. Come up with a rough guest list.

How many people are you, your parents, your in-laws and your siblings planning to invite to the wedding? It’s an important estimate to have, for it directly influences the choice of venue and caterer, among other things.

7 planning for your wedding

8. Start making honeymoon plans so that you have the passport and visa to your dream destination, in time.

No, it’s not too early, for formalities may take time and you wouldn’t want a lack of visa to keep you from a trip to your dreamland now, would you?

9. Sit with your squad and make a list of all the things that’ll go into your trousseau.

Your trousseau will house every possible thing that you’d need to begin a new life with. It’s only sane then, to pen down all the things you need. Many brides end up buying things they find cute but don’t really need, just because they can. So, sit down with your experienced girlfriends and make a list and stick to it when you’re out shopping.

9 planning for your wedding

10. And finally, discuss the kind of wedding you want with your fiancé.

Whether you want a royal affair or a simpler party with just your close friends and family around – make sure your partner knows of it and is okay with it. Don’t make the wedding all about you. Get him involved and ask him what he wants too. But most importantly, have fun. Things go wrong at all weddings, but if you can laugh over them with your partner - you will have a perfect marriage.

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