#MyStory: Before Our Rishta Meeting, He Asked If I Was A Virgin

#MyStory: Before Our Rishta Meeting, He Asked If I Was A Virgin

My parents had been very flustered about my being unmarried. They believed as I was becoming older, my options were decreasing. You know what happens when you are going the ‘arranged marriage’ way. All that stuff... Rishta meetings were arranged every second weekend. Before the meetings, phone numbers were exchanged between both the parties, and then you were expected to start a conversation with this unknown person. This conversation usually happened to set up the time and place of the meeting. You had to be a little chatty and make conversation to break the ice, of course. So here goes the story about this guy with whom I had the oddest phone conversation with ever!

My parents did a bit of a background check beforehand. The guy had completed his education in Singapore, and was part of the family business. He belonged to a very social family in Aurangabad. My parents felt he was well qualified and that the family seemed decent. So, the guy and I started chatting over the phone.

Internal asked me if i was a virgin

Now, we started off by talking about basic stuff - studies, work, etc. and somehow, in the middle of all of this, he started flirting with me. He’d make jokes and tried to delve deeper into my life. I was obviously taken aback, but continued to chat with him thinking I will get a clearer picture once I meet him. This is where I went wrong.

During one of our phone conversations, he asked me, out of the blue, if I was dating anyone before. This conversation led to a point where he asked me about my deepest sexual fantasy. I was aghast. I was shocked at his audacity to be able to ask me something like that. Someone with whom I had been chatting on the phone for all of 3 days, was asking me such outrageous questions. I decided to ignore the question and the next thing he asked me was, ‘I hope you are virgin.’

That was it for me! I was tipped to a point where I took a snapshot of that chat and sent it to my dad. Needless to say, my father took care of the situation and got me out of it. According to me, in such situations, it is the men who feel like they can get closer to a girl by pretending to be cool about certain matters, and actually end up judging them once they have answers to personal questions. I am pretty sure if I told him that I wasn’t a virgin, he would have just called it off himself.

This is how I dealt with the guy who asked me if I was a virgin. And by the way, It’s been 4 years and a little birdie tells me he is still looking for his virgin wife.

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