#MyStory: My Friend Broke Up With Her Guy For The Worst Reason!

#MyStory: My Friend Broke Up With Her Guy For The Worst Reason!

A few years ago when I was in class twelfth, we were a group of five friends who were envied by almost the whole school. Though we had our share of ups and downs, we had been going strong for four years. Staying at each other’s place, going for trips together only brought us closer as friends. We were three girls - Priyanka, Divya and me, and two guys Ayaan and Karan.

Divya and Karan had been dating for two years and nobody could understand why they were together! Karan was a polite and respectful guy and Divya was an egoistic and high headed person. I had always felt that Karan deserved a much better person who valued him for who he was and not someone who manipulated him to be a spineless person.

Out of countless incidents, one that never fades from my memory is of a party where Divya asked Karan to sit on the floor and made him tie her heels. This just made it clear to me that she was using him and didn’t respect him at all. And with several other incidents, their relationship had hit a rocky patch. So all of us counselled them to break up soon and not waste time in being confused. We were anyway about to enter a new phase of our lives and start college. So this decision actually made sense.

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A few days went by and they had still not taken a decision. We had endless conversations about her relationship and she always sounded pretty confused. But somewhere deep down, I knew that she was not interested in the relationship anymore. All she needed was a push from someone to end it. Two days later, she came to me telling me that she had made up her mind to break up. Curious to find out who gave her the final push I asked, ‘Finally you’ve made a decision. Who helped you?’

The answer I heard was completely unexpected. Divya very confidently told me, ‘My mom. She said that I am too fair and pretty and he has a very dark complexion. We just don’t look good together. It’s like black and white.’ I was in utter shock. It took me a few hours to process what she had said. That day, I lost all the respect that I had for her and her mother. I couldn’t believe my friend broke up with her boyfriend because of this reason! It was really disheartening to realize the fact that people with such a disgusting mindset still exist and are a part of our society.

That was the last time I thought of her as a friend and completely stopped speaking to her from then on.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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