#MyStory: He Thought I Hooked Up With Someone Else And…

#MyStory: He Thought I Hooked Up With Someone Else And…

Rajat and I had been friends for years, a decade to be precise. We knew everything there was to know about each other, from our ex-partners, deets about our sex life to personal matters. During our college years, we were studying in different countries but we still made sure that we talked at least twice a week.

Our group of friends would try to meet every other weekend for dinner and drinks and once he came back to Delhi, he started coming for these dinners too. All our other friends would tease us about being so close but we were sure that we were only friends. Neither of us wanted a relationship because I’d just gotten out of one and he was enjoying ‘the single life’.

Soon, however, we realized that we actually did like each other and decided to give this relationship a chance. We also decided to keep our relationship private and didn’t tell anyone until we were sure we wanted a future together.

We took our own sweet time to get physical with one another, too. For some reason, both of us were hesitant. For three months, we’d only kissed each other, which was unlike both of us. One day, I was staying over at his place and we were sitting in his room, casually talking. His parents weren’t home and we decided to take advantage of that fact. We started making out and since it was our first time together, we were all arms and legs and a little uncomfortable together. This situation had us both in splits since it was so funny. After we were done laughing, we were back to making out again. Slowly, our clothes came off one by one and everything was so intense yet emotional. Before we knew it, we were getting hot and heavy. Thanks to Rajat’s foresight, we did have condoms on us otherwise I’m sure we would have had unprotected sex that day. Whatever happened between us was so beautiful and amazing that we were both unnerved by it. After a ten minute break, we went for round two and it was somehow, better than the first!

I came home, all happy and excited and still glowing! I could not stop smiling all day and even my mother asked me what was so special.

Internal hooked up with someone else

However, that night something very weird happened. Rajat was being extremely snarky and irritating. He was just trying to pick a fight for no reason and was constantly fighting with me. I could not understand why he wasn’t in the same bubble as I was. Finally, after trying to talk to him for an hour, I gave up and disconnected the call and fell asleep crying.

This continued for two more days... Two days of mindless arguing and pointless fighting. By the end of the second day I had had enough. He wasn’t telling me why he was annoyed and that was the worst part. I told him we couldn’t continue like this and during our arguing, in a fit of rage, I told him it was over. At that time, he agreed and we broke up.

I was heartbroken, to put it mildly. We had decided to completely cut off each other for a while. I stopped going to the dinners as well because I did not want to run into him. A couple of weeks later, he called me at 1 in the night out of the blue. He, in a typical ex-boyfriend fashion, was drunk and upset. He then told me the reason he was mad. Apparently, one of our mutual friends told him that I was dating some guy I had met at a party the same day we had slept together. My boyfriend thought I had hooked up with someone else. This was obviously a huge misunderstanding because of a conversation I had had with the same friend. But the worst bit of this situation was that he chose to believe her and did not even bother asking me for an explanation.

Boy, was I mad! I screamed at him for being so extremely stupid and creating such a huge fuss over something so silly. I refused to talk to him from there on and told him I hated him. It took him one month to convince me that he was sorry and another month for me to give him another chance.

We finally started dating again and now it's been almost a year since that incident. Now the world knows that we are together but anytime we do fight and if it is my fault, I remind him how we almost broke up because of his stupidity, and suddenly, just like that, everything is fine again!

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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