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#MyStory: Why Him Cheating On Me Was Actually A GOOD Thing!


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Sometimes people come across their 'one in a million' pretty early in their lives. Or, that is what I thought when I met him. But as they say, every good and bad thing comes to an end. So did our relationship when I caught him cheating on me with not just one girl, but three others. It was shocking for me, I wanted to cry out loud, scream and shout… But all I did was to remain silent. I was lost. He was the one who made me believe that our love will last despite the fact that we were poles apart as far as our culture and religion were concerned. It took me quite some time to accept that he was no longer there in my life.

Usually when people feel cheated on or have been betrayed, they lose hope or just give up on the idea of 'love' altogether. And that is what people like him want. I got too enamoured by his charm and let him take a lead in my life. By the time I understood why he didn't want me to live my life well, it was too late to undo my mistakes, but not too late to leave him.

Internal he cheated on me

After he left, I learn that life isn't as fair and fairytale-like as it seems to be. Sometimes it comes with a tablespoon of bitterness as well. At that point, I had to take a stand for myself and keep believing in the funda of ‘this too shall pass’. I also learnt that not always will people be 'available' for me, especially when the going is tough. But that didn’t stop me from believing in humanity.

Whatever happened to me, taught me to not give up on the idea of love for it is the most important and beautiful feeling that demands to be felt by everyone. One bad relationship almost made me give up on love altogether, but I knew I was wrong.

So, believe in yourself and never give up on your self respect. Apart from your family, only a few friends will be there for you always, count on them. And don't lose out on any opportunity that comes your way. So, I am glad that he cheated on me and I became what I am today.

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Published on May 08, 2017
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