#MyStory: A Letter To The Man I’ve Been Waiting For…

#MyStory: A Letter To The Man I’ve Been Waiting For…

Dear Future Husband,

I have so much planned for the both of us, and I have so many stories to share with you. Sometimes, I miss your presence in my life, especially when I’m in some sort of trouble and you’re the only one I feel I can share it all with. When I need my knight in shining armour to rescue me.

I wonder sometimes, if we’re taking forever to meet, or is it that I’ve already met you and just don’t know yet that you’re the one. In fact, very often, as I sit on my couch watching my favourite Rom-Coms, I wonder what you’d be like. Are you like Hugh Grant of Notting Hill - the silent bookish kind of guy, or are you like Patrick Dempsey from Made of Honor, who is my best friend and would go to any extent to confess his love for me in the nick of time?

I also wonder, are you the loud, expressive person or the silent type? Tall or short?  Do you love to sport a beard or would you rather be the clean-shaven. What is your dress sense like – mostly casuals or formals all the way? As for me, my favourite piece of clothing is my pajamas, and tee to go with it (with flip flops, of course) and you better be okay with that.

I wonder how it will sound when you say my name? How it will feel when you give me a good morning kiss everyday, and when your stubble brushes against my cheeks? Will you bring me breakfast in bed and let me have a lazy Sunday?

Internal letter to my future husband

It’s not important for me whether or not you’re rich with a great bank balance, because I am an independent girl who is capable of making a living on her own. The one thing I want from you is immense and unconditional love for me. Psst… I am the slightly jealous and possessive kind. Having said that, I’ve had my fair share of crushes too.

If you’re a movie buff like me, I totally imagine us spending our Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons binge-watching our favourite ones.  Also, what sports are you interested in? I follow cricket and football, by the way.

Also, dear future hubby, my family means the world to me. And I hope that you love them as much as I do. I would do the same for your family. And even though I am brought up in a nuclear family, I have no qualms about moving into a joint family (if you come from one). I’d actually love to know what that sort of a lifestyle is all about.

You, my dear, are taking too long to meet. I end up crushing on guys every now and then, and I fall for them thinking that it is you. But sooner or later I end up figuring out the situation and get out of it in the hope that you are somewhere around the corner, and will be with me very soon.

They say, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. And so, I am going to go and make plans, which don't include you for now. But you know what, you have to come soon so that I can have my kiss on the top of the terrace, spend a night with you as we watch a meteor shower, and binge watch movies and TV series together.

Till then, I will continue to make plans with my friends, have crushes, eat chocolates, visit places, complete my studies and hope that this ‘letter to my future husband’ actually reaches him some day! And you, my dear do whatever you want to do. And when the time is right, you and I will be together! Hoping to meet you soon.

Yours Truly,


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