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This Beautiful Video Sums Up Why *All* Moms Are Special!

This Beautiful Video Sums Up Why *All* Moms Are Special!

We don’t realize it but our mothers work non-stop. They are the epitome of power, love and everything else that’s nice in the world. And we owe them a lot. But it isn’t just our biological mothers that should be showered with love on Mother’s Day - it is all the women in our lives that have loved and supported us! Stepmothers, masis, mother-in-laws - all of them play an important role and they need to be appreciated for it!

Godrej Expert sums this up beautifully through their campaign #ForAllMoms. Let’s get together and celebrate this special day, with them, for them!

Watch the video here:

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 *This is a sponsored post for Godrej Expert.

Published on May 13, 2017
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