10 Ways To Make Up After Your *First* Fight As Husband And Wife!

10 Ways To Make Up After Your *First* Fight As Husband And Wife!

So you’ve finally had your first fight as a husband and wife. It could’ve been about something really important or just something silly that did not even matter that much! But making up after a fight is what will set a precedent for all your future fights, so you need to make sure you do that right! Here are 10 ways to make up after your first fight as husband and wife!

1. Plan A Date Night

Food is the solution to all problems. Go out and have a nice quiet dinner together. There is really nothing that a good meal cannot fix. Plus, spending alone time with each other, talking about happy stuff, can actually help ease the situation and remove any bitterness.

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2. Watch A Cute Movie

Rom-coms are the best way to patch up after a fight. Watching a cute movie, in which the couple ends up together against all odds, will fill you both up with hope and happiness. An alternative to this could be watching your favourite tv show together. Let ‘Netflix and chill’ work its magic!

3. Revisit Happy Memories

Talk about happy memories. Taking a walk down memory lane will remind you two why you fell in love with each other in the first place. It’ll also help you two forgive each other and let bygones be bygones!

4. Massage Mania

Arguing builds up a lot of tension in our bodies and it also leads to body aches. Help relieve both of your pain by taking turns to give each other massages. It’ll make you feel much better, plus who knows what it’ll lead to. *Wink*

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5. Write Love Letters

Write each other a heartfelt letter apologising for what happened or what was said during the fight. If you feel it was your fault, it wouldn’t hurt to apologise for that as well. Also, don’t forget to appreciate your partner as well. The charm of handwritten letters is unmatched by any form of texting, so use it!

6. Some Much-Needed Action

Sex is more a bonding experience than anything. It’s also a way to tell your partner that no matter what, they will always mean the world to you. Plus, there is something to be said about the power of touch, isn’t there?

7. A Meaningful Gift

Give each other a small but meaningful gift to let the other know that the fight is over for good and that you hold nothing against them anymore! Also, this gift will mark your first fight as a couple and the two of you can always look back upon it and laugh about how silly it all was!

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8. Cook Together

Doing any household chore together is also a great bonding experience. So, go ahead and cook together. You might make a few mistakes or mess up the kitchen but it’ll just give you something to laugh about!

9. Dance It Out

Dancing is just another way to connect with your partner. Put some music on, the kind you both love, and dance out your frustration. Plus, dancing also releases the ‘feel good’ hormone oxytocin that’ll put you in a better mood. This might, just like a massage, lead to better, hotter things!

10. Cuddle And Sleep

Just hold each other tightly and fall asleep. Cuddling is also a great way to relieve stress and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to cuddle with their partner?

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