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31 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel *Special* Every Day Of The Month!

31 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel *Special* Every Day Of The Month!

We bet you think your boyfriend deserves all the love in the world, don’t you? And if you could, you would be around every minute reminding him what a great person he is. But, alas, so is life and you can’t be by his side 24x7. We’ve come up with 31 little surprises for your boyfriend that he will absolutely love and that won’t take too much time and effort on your part either. #WIN

1. Send him a handwritten letter because there is just something so beautiful about the written word! Post it to his address so he doesn’t know when he’ll receive it.

2. Make him a dessert. Even if you are really bad at the baking business, he will definitely love you for trying!

3. Frame a memory. If you have any of your movie tickets saved, frame them or you can take a picture of the place where you had your first kiss, frame it and send it to him.

4. Send him a naughty text… Because why not, right?

5. Put up a cheesy picture of the both of you. He pretends he hates social media but he actually kind of likes the cutesy posts you make.

5 surprises for your boyfriend

6. Send him tonnes of memes all through the day that will make him laugh out loud!

7. Arrive at his place with a pizza. You both know there is nothing better than pizza!

8. Plan a day out with his friends because they are important to him and so are you!

9. Meet him and start the day off with kisses. Announce that it’s kiss day today and he would have to face your wrath in the form of kisses!

10. Leave him little notes all around that he can find slowly through the day. In his car or his back pocket or his bag!

10 surprises for your boyfriend

11. Buy him funny cards, the ones which actually describe your quirky relationship. They are not expensive so you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

12. Compliment him on his work. If he has been working on a project lately then compliment him on it, how he is handling it so well. He doesn’t always want to hear about his good looks, good looks and good looks.

13. On the day when you can’t meet, drop him a text about how much you miss him. It doesn’t have to be super cheesy, just a little something to tell him you’re thinking about him!

14. Get the DVD of the movie he always goes crazy about and wonders how you’ve never seen it and make it a nice cozy movie night or day!

15. Pass him a sexy compliment, like how his butt looks superb in those jeans!

15 surprises for your boyfriend

16. Make a little scrapbook of all your photos together with funny anecdotes from your life together as a couple!

17. Sing him his favourite song. You can either record it as a video or an audio note and send it to him.

18. If he is coming over to meet you and you’re all alone, greet him at the doorway (much out of the eyes of your neighbours) in just your bathrobe and see his face brighten along with his day!

19. Gift him a book you love with little notes in between so that when he is reading it, he can almost hear your little comments.

20. While you guys are chilling alone, sit him down and give him an impromptu massage.

20 surprises for your boyfriend

21. While you guys usually split the bill on dates, surprise him by treating him one day without any reason!

22. Do a treasure hunt together on a weekend. This will take a bit more effort but you can hide little special gifts or notes (nothing too fancy) in all your favourite parts of the city. Also makes for a really fun date, doesn’t it?

23. Place your hand on his lower back when you’re out with his friends and he is talking about something. This is a great way to show your support and love for him without being OTT.

24. Since you’ve already sent him a sexy text, why not up the game by sending him a voice recording where you’re dirty talking? Give it a shot, you might just like it and he will definitely love it!

25. Make him a modern mix tape according to his mood that day of all the songs you think he will like.

25 surprises for your boyfriend

26. Give him a packet of all his favourite candies inside because who doesn’t love candies, right?

27. When you are out with friends, show him some PDA. Link your arm with his or if you’re feeling naughtier, place yourself on his lap and hope he doesn’t complain about your weight!

28. When you’re saying goodbye, kiss him. And then turn back and give him another, longer, more intimate kiss.

29. Record a little note on his phone, set an alarm for a time you know he is generally alone asking him to play it!

30. Get tickets for something sporty. He will be surprised and delighted! What more can you ask for?

30 surprises for your boyfriend

31. Do a little indoor camping. Fix up a tent with bed sheets in your house, get a nice movie on and cook the most basic food you can. A little trip where you don’t even have to step out of the house! How cool is that?

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