11 Intimate Questions To Get To Know *Him* Better!

11 Intimate Questions To Get To Know *Him* Better!

Understanding a guy and what goes on in his mind can sometimes be a task, especially the guy you are in a relationship with. You want to get to know what resides deep inside his soul without making it sound like an interview or an interrogation session, right? So, here are a few intimate questions to ask your guy, in order to understand who he really is.

1. What’s your dream date like?

Allow him to speak and take a note of the minutest detail he shares. Maybe you could actually make his dream date come true someday?

2. What turns you on the most?

Part romantic, part sexy, this question will open avenues to go down the steamy lane.

3. Which period of your life would you love to return to?

That should give you an insight into his innermost desires. And about what makes him truly happy!

3 intimate questions

4. What was the first thing you thought about me when you saw me?

Everyone wants to know this. Did you make a good first impression on him? What did he like, or dislike?

5. Tell me about your wildest fantasy?

Ahem… Do we see some scope for role play tonight? *Wink*

6. What experience in your past, according to you made you stronger?

A very dignified way of getting to know about his past.

6 intimate questions

7. If you had to use five words to describe me, what would they be?

Coax him to be dirty, flirty and sexy!

8. What’s your favourite thing to do when you want to do nothing?

Who knows, you may find some more common ground?

9. If you close your eyes right now, what is the first thing or who is the first person you see?

This one can lead to a very interesting conversation.

9 intimate questions

10. What do you think love is?

Watch out for his answer – coz this is who he truly is.

11. If you have to erase one memory from your mind – which one would that be?

Don’t force him, though... If he isn’t too comfortable sharing it.

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