10 Insults We Only Let Our Bestie Get Away With!

10 Insults We Only Let Our Bestie Get Away With!

It is difficult to put into words the relationship we share with our bestie. It is all shades of amazing and yet our bestie can get away saying oddly insulting things to us… And that is okay. Here are a few things only your bestie can say to you.   

1. ‘You have gained weight’

Especially if this has happened due to an unhealthy lifestyle as opposed some medical reasons, it is best if your friend points it out first. Because she really wants you to get back to your fitter, more active self and you know it is good for you.

7 things only your bestie can say to you

2. ‘Don’t be so desperate’

When you have been eyeing this one guy for the longest time and in spite of bending over backwards for him, he gives absolutely no attention. So your bestie steps in with her voice of reason and tells you to curb your enthusiasm just a tad bit.

3. ‘That dress doesn’t look good on you’

Again, the colour might not suit you, the shape may not look particularly flattering and it is always better that your best friend points it out before someone else does.

4. ‘Quit that job, before they make you leave’

Yes, sometimes we are stuck in dire work situations where we hate facing every single day. Even if we are not brave enough to put our foot down, our bestie will always nudge us to get out of an unpleasant situation as soon as possible.

4 things only your bestie can say to you

5. ‘Put on your deodorant’

Our best friend is probably the best person to confront us if we are smelling like a heap of garbage.

6. ‘No more drinks for you tonight’

When we have had more than our fair share of fun, our best friend is the one who can put her foot down and make sure we are back home safe.

7. ‘You need to CALM down’

At times we are anxious, jittery and nervous all the same time. If push came to shove, we would probably run and hide somewhere instead of living our own truths. But that’s when our bestie aka our eternal voice of reason tell us that calming down will make everything better.

7 things only your bestie can say to you

8. ‘That is not a great idea for a tattoo’

Before you get something permanent done, it is always best to hear your bestie out. A reasoned second opinion is better than regretting the decision later.

9. ‘Will you please dump that creep?’

Ladies, if your bestie is not fond of your boyfriend that could be a problem. She can sniff bad news from a distance so at least just hear her out on this.

10. ‘He’s never going to text you back’

Ouch! Don’t we all hate it when our bestie’s intuition is so on point? But she sure knows what’s best for us.  

10 things only your bestie can say to you

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