How To Wear That *Sexy* Bralette (Without Looking Scandalous)

How To Wear That *Sexy* Bralette (Without Looking Scandalous)

It’s that time of the year again when we can wear our shorty-shorts, low back dresses and crop tops... The list is neverending! But there’s a newbie in the style game! Bralettes made a huge entrance in the fashion arena last year and it looks like they’re here to stay. Not only are they a cooler alternative to bras, but they also make for a very stylish piece to be worn with our daily wear! With the summer sun shining bright upon us already.

10 simple tips on how to wear a bralette and look sexy!

1. Wear It With Deep Neck Tops And Dresses

1 how to wear a bralette

Plunging tops and dresses look sexy, yeah, but you can always add a stylish twist to them by teaming them up with a matching bralette! Ditch those plunging bras and experiment with textured bralettes to make any simple deep neck top or dress look a class apart!  

2. Style Them With Sheer Tops!

Wearing slips and camisoles under sheer tops is so last season! Wear a matching bralette instead. Ditch those coloured bras and go for a lacy bralette that’ll add a feminine appeal to your look!

3. Wear It As A Crop Top

3 how to wear a bralette

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

Because, why not? Wearing a bralette as a crop top can make a bold statement for you. Take style inspiration from  Sonam Kapoor and see how fabulous a bralette can look when worn as a crop top! We’re definitely going to try this!   

4. Be Colour Correct

When wearing bralettes under see through tops, you must keep the colour in mind. Go for subtle, pastel colours for an understated look. When you want to make a statement with your bralette, choose a contrast colour or interesting patterns so they shine through in your outfit! Also, avoid wearing skin colour bralettes as that might look a little odd.

5. Team It Up As Co-ords

5 how to wear a bralette

Image: Masaba Gupta on Instagram

Another great way of wearing a bralette is by matching it with your bottom wear. Since co-rds are all the rage right now, it makes sense to experiment a little! Depending on the colour of your bralette, choose matching culottes or wide legged pants. We think they’ll look perfect together!

6. Wear it over A Tee!

Because wearing it under your clothes is so mainstream! You can wear a bralette over a plain white shirt to give it an edgy appeal. Or wear a lacy bralette over a plain white tee and stay on trend! Wear it with distressed jeans and black block heels to put together a stunning outfit!

7. Experiment With Styles

7 how to wear a bralette

One good thing about summer is that we get to wear all our backless dresses and tops! To give these backless dresses a stylish spin, wear bralettes with stylized backs and look summer ready.

8. Beware Of Peek-A-Boos

Plunging bralettes sure must be sexy, but can also go very wrong! Always try before you buy a bralette and make sure it gives your bust enough coverage. It’s quite easy to have a malfunction with bralettes so let’s try and avoid?

9. Fabric Matters

9 how to wear a bralette

Image: Ami Patel on Instagram

Lacy, flimsy fabrics are perfect for bralettes that are meant to be worn under tops and dresses. If you want to wear a bralette as a top, make sure the fabric is thick enough to give your bust the support it needs. If you want to go for a lacy one anyway, go for a longline bralette that covers the private areas and looks appropriate when worn as a top.  

10. Accessorize Minimally  

Bralettes are a statement piece in themselves. Hence, accessorizing them can be a little tricky! If you want to dress up your neck, go for a dainty necklace or a minimal choker to avoid looking OTT. A heavy choker or a statement necklace on the other hand, will only draw attention away from the bralette and make it look like there’s too much going on on your neck.

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