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Here’s How You Can Treat AND Conceal Chest Acne

Here’s How You Can Treat AND Conceal Chest Acne

It’s summer, ladies and it’s the perfect time to wear light and flowy clothes. But one of the major skin problems that come with this heat is acne. Apart from your face, your chest is also prone to breakouts, which we know is quite a bummer - chest acne tends to be worse in the summer because of the high temperatures and sweat. But, don’t worry as here are some ways you can cover up chest acne while also trying to get rid of it. Read on to put a stop to this body acne for good.

What causes chest acne?

1 chest acne - causes

There are numerous reasons behind developing chest acne, especially in this heat. The high temperature, the friction from your clothes rubbing against your skin, the sweat and increased bacteria on your body - these factors lead to breakouts in the summer. But, before you go ahead and try to treat it, here are some other reasons you might be getting acne on your chest:

Sleep deprivation: Now, you might be thinking what’s sleep got to do with it? But ladies, let us tell you, the amount of sleep you get has got everything to do with it! If you don’t sleep enough, your skin won’t be able to recover and the less rest it gets, the higher the probability of acne and breakouts.

Unhealthy diet: Girls, you are what you eat! The greasier the food you eat, the higher the chances of breaking out. A diet high in sugar and carbohydrates may make acne flare-up even more.

Stress: Ladies, we know how demanding your college or work life is, but sometimes you have to take care as stress leads to acne. The cells in your body produce sebum that has receptors for stress hormones, leading to a pimple or acne cyst.

Not exfoliating enough: Another factor is that we don’t exfoliate the rest of our body the way we do our faces. The only time our bodies get clean thoroughly is in the shower which is not really enough to get rid of the dead skin.

How to conceal it?

2 chest acne - how to cover it

Acne or acne marks don’t disappear in a day, do they? But while you’re trying to get rid of the acne, why not cover it up and make your skin appear gorgeous? Believe us, ladies, nobody will notice.

Most MUAs prefer covering the décolletage area while doing makeup, as well. You can try this whenever you’re going out for an event and flaunt all your low neck tops in this heat. To feign an acne and blemish-free chest, start with applying a moisturizer on the area. The next step is to cover all the blemishes and acne with the help of a green-coloured corrector to neutralize the red.

Use a concealer that is the closest to your natural skin tone for full coverage, on top of the corrector. Blend it thoroughly with the help of your warm fingertips or a damp beauty blender. To make sure that it stays on for long periods of time, dab on some loose powder and you’re good to go.

How can you get rid of chest acne?

3 chest acne - how to treat it

It’s important that you get rid of the problem from the roots. For that, you need to concentrate on a lot of things and pamper your skin regularly. Start with exfoliating the affected area on a regular basis with a gentle body scrub that will help prevent blemishes and give you smoother, softer skin.

Make some healthy choices when it comes to food - swap your soft drink with green tea, reduce the amount of carbs and oily food you have in a week and slowly you’ll notice a change in your skin. As we’ve mentioned before, you’re what you eat, ladies!

Like your face, the rest of your body deserves some TLC as well. You can use some amazing home remedies to prevent the breakouts on your chest. Home remedies are one of the best ways to get rid of the pesky acne and the silver lining here is that whatever you are using for your face, can be used on your chest, as well. Oatmeal, honey, tomatoes and turmeric are some amazing ingredients from your kitchen that can help tackle your acne woes.

Lastly, don’t ever forget to apply your moisturizer as well as your sunscreen on your neck and chest areas as they get exposed to the sun too and need your attention, just like your face. Use a sunscreen that is high in SPF and will protect you from skin damage.

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Published on May 25, 2017
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