10 Simple Ways To Fix That ‘I Have Nothing To Wear’ Problem

10 Simple Ways To Fix That ‘I Have Nothing To Wear’ Problem

Aren’t we all so familiar with the ‘I have nothing to wear’ problem? It’s as if every girl who loves to shop is known to have this syndrome. But if all your money is spent on buying new clothes, how do you still not have anything to wear, when you have somewhere important to be? It’s time to change the way you stare at your wardrobe and say those 5 words, ladies. There’s nothing wrong with the clothes you own. The problem lies in the way you shop and organize your clothes. Sounds like something that can be fixed, right? Here are 10 ways you can cure the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome.

1. Think of an outfit while you shop

 1 nothing to wear problem

A cute skirt or a floral top catches your attention, and then the rest is history. Don’t just look at stand-alone pieces when you’re in a store. Keep an outfit in mind while picking out the items you like. Since you’ll have to match what you buy with something in your closet, it’s always a good idea to think about it before you splurge! This way you’re more likely to wear what you buy.

2. Stop binging on trends

One of the reasons you always feel like you have ‘nothing to wear’ is probably because you shop a lot of trendy stuff and don’t invest in staples. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend on trend-led pieces, but a closet full of trendy clothes won’t help your case. Invest in basics first, and make sure you have all the things you need. Starting from footwear to something as basic as a white tee. You’ll find it easier to style all the pieces once you’ve got the basics right.  

3. Plan ahead

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Even if you don’t have an event coming up, don’t quit trying different combinations and putting together a whole new look. It can get a little monotonous when you see the same outfit ideas staring right back at you. Think of places you might have to go to in the coming weeks and create new looks with clothes you already own.  

4. Stop buying similar clothes

We all have our weaknesses when it comes to clothes. There’s always this one thing that catches our attention first. It could be a striped shirt or a cold shoulder top. But if you own too many of these, your closet won’t look half as fun. Keep these similar looking pieces together in your closet so you know how many of the same thing you have. It’ll keep you from buying the same piece again.  

5. You have too many items to choose from  

5 nothing to wear problem

Having too many options is overwhelming. You open your cupboard, rest your hands on your waist, look at your clothes and get confused because there’s so much happening in there! It’s time to streamline your collection. Keep clothes that are true to your aesthetic and let go of the rest. It’ll get your creative juices flowing and you’ll be able to come up with more outfit ideas when you glance through your closet.

6. Repurpose and reuse old clothes

Got a summer dress that’s too short and want to wear it during the winter months? Belt it up and wear it as a tunic top with jeans, and layer it up with a jacket for a winter ready outfit. You could also wear a maxi skirt as a dress! There is so much that you can do with old clothes in your wardrobe. Think out of the box and assign new tasks to your clothes.

7. Bridge the gaps

7 nothing to wear problem

When we think of an outfit, we imagine a look from head to hoe. With all the clothes in your closet, how many complete outfits can you create? Once you start making a list, you’ll realize that you don’t have the ideal flats for a certain dress or maybe a key element that could complete an outfit. These key elements are the things you need. Make a note of them and make investments to bridge these tiny gaps.    

8. Organize… Outfit wise!

We’re certain we’ve all made this mistake once! We tend to organize our closets according to the type of clothes. All the formal pants hang in one place and so do all the dresses. A better and more efficient way to organize your wardrobe is to group your closet in outfits. Organize your closet outfit-wise and see how it changes the way you feel about dressing up every morning!

9. Get creative

9 nothing to wear problem

Because styling clothes and getting dressed is a creative job! Challenge yourself to wear something new every week. Pick out something randomly from your closet and challenge yourself to style it your way and pull it off. Don’t you think that’s such a fun way to dress up? We’d love to start our day like this!

10. Let go of ill-fitted clothes

Don’t think about how this dress will look on you 3 months from now or how it used to look a few years back. Think about NOW. What fits you at the moment and flatters your body. Let go of all the ill-fitted clothes you own and you’ll notice the difference.

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