A Step-By-Step Guide To Embracing The *Sex Goddess* Within You!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Embracing The *Sex Goddess* Within You!

If you’ve been planning to turn the heat up in the bedroom but hesitate when it comes to actually getting down to it, then know that you’re not the only one. Being a hot and bold woman in the bedroom comes with time and patience. However, there are little changes that you can start with that will really put you out there. Here are 10 easy steps for you to embrace the sex goddess within you and make things hot and heavy!

Step 1: Look and feel seductive

Whether it’s racy lingerie or a lil’ makeup, whatever makes you feel seductive... Go ahead and try it. This might sound a bit shallow, but it’s the truth. It’s only when you look the part that you can actually play the part.

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Step 2: Think sexy!

For most women, it’s difficult to jump into bed and turn on the sexy. Instead, what you should do is give yourself a good few hours to get in the mood. Think about the naughty things you will do later in the night through your day so that by the time you get there you’re already mentally turned on which is like, half the job done!

Step 3: Time to act the part

Now that you look the part and think the part, it’s time to get the act on. The crucial step to being sexy is confidence. If you walk in the bedroom like you know what to do and how to do it, then it’s pretty evident to your partner as well. If you have trouble understanding how exactly you can act the part then pick any actor or character that you find sexy and just imitate their walk and style of talking. That will be quite a change for your partner too!

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Step 4: Always talk dirty!

Dirty talk is awesome. Sure, it takes a while to actually understand how it works but one way to get down with dirty talking is to keep practicing. Don’t go overboard with it, just a little bit whisper here and a few words there will work just fine. Take a cue from here and get started!

Step 5: Get some mood lighting

You can’t really feel sexy if the ambience isn’t right, right? And mood lighting is the fastest way to get it right. The lighting is not bright so it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or nervous but at the same time it’s not pitch dark so you can still see and feel your partner.

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Step 6: Go slow-mo

Not for the entire evening, of course! However, for some parts of it, try taking things slow. You have to admit, there is something super seductive about slow motion. Whether it’s a slow walk towards your partner or beginning with a soft, deep and slow kiss - you know you can’t go wrong with it, at all!

Step 7: Be the one to initiate things

There is nothing sexier than someone who takes charge. There, we said it. However, sometimes even taking charge can be nerve wracking. So, start slow. Place your hand on his inner thigh or just give him a little peck. You don’t have to go all out and jump on his bones for him to get the clue!

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Step 8: Throw in some sound effects

Moan and groan, ladies! The background score only makes the movie better, right? You will be surprised how much better the whole experience can feel when you don’t keep your voices suppressed - it is definitely better than experiencing the whole thing in silence!

Step 9: Find a balance between selfish and selfless

Now, we know you want to please your partner but at the same time you also should be focussing on your needs. It’s no fun if it is only about pleasing one party. So what you need to do and this is the real task you have in hand. Find a balance between pleasing yourself and pleasing your partner. It’s not tough to find but it will take a while so be ready to try new things in bed!

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Step 10: Switch between foreplay and the real deal

Here is a little trick no one tells you - don’t make sex a linear affair. You don’t have to keep going until you can’t. Take little breaks and switch to foreplay and then back again. This keeps things going for longer and your partner will definitely love that!

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