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13 HOT Things To Say To Your Hubby While Kissing Him!

13 HOT Things To Say To Your Hubby While Kissing Him!

A good kiss can make you forget your own name, and when it's your husband who you’re kissing, well, it has to be the best thing ever! Every time you kiss him, you want him even more than before, as if that was possible. But it’s important for him to know how much he turns you on too. Here are 13 super hot things to say while kissing your husband. Be rest assured, these things will drive him crazy and spice things up in the bedroom.

1. ‘Hmm… I can never get tired of feeling your lips against mine!’

Because how do you ever not want to kiss him?

2. ‘I think kissing you happens to be my drug of choice!’

Kissing him has got to be super addictive!

3. ‘I’m going to have to rip your clothes off if you keep kissing me like this!’

When did he get so good at this?!

3 things to say while kissing your husband

4. ‘I know what all your lips can do and I want them to be on other places on my body as soon as possible!’

Drive him crazy with that one line!

5. ‘I’ve been waiting to do that since the morning.’

When you want to kiss him, you just want it!

6. ‘*Bite his lips* Oh sorry, are you gonna punish me for that? *wink*’

Some light spanking is going to do you both some good!

6 things to say while kissing your husband

7. ‘I’m so glad we’ll be doing this for the rest of our lives.’

Because that’s just too damn awesome, isn’t it?!

8. ‘Don’t tire yourself out too much, there’s more that I want to do tonight!’

While kissing is amazing, there are better things to come!

9. ‘I think I’ll pass out with happiness if you keep looking at me like that.’

How is he so dreamy?

9 things to say while kissing your husband

10. ‘Baby, feel free to use these amazing kissing skills whenever you want to shut me up!’

Just imagine the number of kisses you’ll get in that case!

11. ‘You are perfect, and I never want this to stop!’

Aren’t you a blessed child to get him for life?

12. ‘I could kiss you for hours and not be tired.’

Isn’t kissing him your favourite pastime?

12 things to say while kissing your husband

13. ‘How. Do. You. Always. Taste. So. Good?!’

Punctuate each word with a kiss and watch him lose his mind.

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Published on May 30, 2017
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