10 Myths About Colouring Your Hair You Should Just Ignore!

10 Myths About Colouring Your Hair You Should Just Ignore!

Thinking about colouring your hair but can’t decide if it is the right step? Are a million questions plaguing your mind when all you want is a change in look? Keep reading ‘coz we’ve busted some common hair colour myths that we’ve all heard before and even believed. After reading this, all you’ll have to worry about is which fabulous colour to pick for your hair!

Myth 1: No Special Products Are Required For Coloured Hair

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Products for coloured hair have been formulated keeping in mind the damage caused by the hair colouring process and are designed to restore the hair to a state as close to its natural state as possible. They are aimed at reducing damage, closing the hair cuticle and protecting the hair colour from fading. Regular products may be a little harsh on coloured hair, which is why you should use special products after a colour job.

Myth 2: It Is Ok To Shampoo Your Hair Right After Colouring It

Shampoo your locks 24-48 hours post colour to allow the colour time to sink into your cuticle. This will make it last long and you can avoid frequent touch ups.

Myth 3: You Have To Wash Your Hair Before Colouring It

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Hair colour contains chemicals so it may be wiser to apply hair colour to hair that has been washed 24-48 hours before. The natural oils that build up in the scalp help protect it from the chemicals.

Myth 4: The Summer Sun Can Cause Colour To Fade

Direct sunlight, especially in India, is harmful to the hair year round. Sunshine can cause the colour to fade anytime, not just in the summer. The sun’s rays are harsher in the summer but your hair needs to be protected even during the winter, especially if you’ve coloured it. Even if your hair isn’t coloured, the sun can still cause damage. Make it a point to wear a hat to protect your precious strands when you’re out and about on a hot day.

Myth 5: Colouring Strips Away Hair Density

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On the contrary, the product deposit on your hair gives the appearance of a thicker hair shaft and therefore an illusion of denser hair. Bleaching, however, does reduce your hair volume so give it a miss if you have fine hair. A pretty shade of brown will make your locks look lush and healthy.

Myth 6: You Have To Get Your Hair Dyed Professionally

You needn’t spend thousands on a professional dye job when you have so many safe and effective hair colouring options in drug stores. If this is your first time, opt for a semi-permanent colour or a gloss and follow the instructions to the T. Each hair colour is formulated differently so the time taken for colour to develop in each case is different. Don’t presume, read the instructions on the box/leaflet and you should be fine.

Myth 7: Hair Colour Damages Hair Irreversibly

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It does damage your hair a little in the sense that it opens up the hair cuticle to allow the colour to deposit. However, this is nothing that can’t be reversed. Regular oil massages, hair spas and damage repairing treatments, either professional or home remedies, promise to restore your hair to near virgin state. As long as you’re committed to taking care of your locks, you don’t have to worry so much.

Myth 8: Oiling Your Hair Strips Away The Colour

Not at all! It, in fact, it can add sheen. Oiling can also highlight the colour a little and repair damage, allowing your newly coloured locks to look shiny and healthy. Just wait at least 2 weeks after you colour before you oil your hair.

Myth 9: It Is Ok To Apply Colour On Hair Which Has Product/Oil On It

9 hair colouring myths

The hair colour needs to penetrate the hair cuticle. This is not possible if you have product deposit on your hair. It leads to uneven and blotchy colouring. Make sure your hair is clean (it doesn’t have to be freshly shampooed though) before you apply hair colour to ensure even coverage.

Myth 10: If You Colour Your Hair Once, You Have To Keep Colouring It

This isn’t true at all! Recolouring your hair is your choice entirely. Colouring your hair once doesn’t mean your hair can never have its natural colour again. Bleaching causes a slight loss in hair pigment which may lead to premature greying. But, barring that, if you use good quality hair colours, you’ll not be dependant on them. So, go ahead and experiment to your heart's content (within reason of course!!).

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