The *Desi* Bride’s Guide To Finding The PERFECT Lehenga!

The *Desi* Bride’s Guide To Finding The PERFECT Lehenga!

You’re all set to turn your most loved dream into reality. The vision of wearing that rich, ornate wedding outfit and walking towards your going-to-be husband while everyone’s eyes are set on you. It’s got to be perfect, it means a lot to you, it’s going to be etched in your memories for time to come. Now, selecting this dream bridal lehenga can be quite a task, given that it needs to fulfill some many different criterias. So here are some crucial points that will help you decide on that one magical outfit.

1. Do proper research.

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Create Pinterest boards, make an album in your phone with images, follow your favourite designers on Instagram, go for wedding shows and exhibitions… Wherever you can get references and inspiration from. This should start way before the dates are even finalized.

2. Set a budget.

You know there is a cost to this which may be significantly higher than what you’ve spent on any other shaadi clothes. So, set aside some money for this so you can get what you want at a desired price. Always start your search with the least price range in mind, and move upwards, and do not try something beyond your budget. There is no coming back then. Your heart will melt and you’ll end up spending way too much on this one outfit.

3. Choose your style.

Are you a panelled lehenga or a mermaid lehenga type of bride? Depending on your choice, shortlist designs and styles. It’s imperative that you make up your mind before setting out to look for this lehenga, otherwise you’ll land up getting even more confused.

4. Keep an open mind though!

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Many a time, what we imagine may not look good on us can turn out looking pretty perfect for us when we actually try it on. What you see in a picture looks very different in reality, ladies. If you keep an open mind about it, you’ll get to see new styles, pick what is trendy, and that will eventually be a look that complements you most.

5. Go shopping after the date is finalised.

Start early, but only once you know the season you are getting married in. For instance, if your big day is in the summer, velvet may be a bad idea, and if it’s in the winter, it’s best to go with a blouse that isn’t too open at the back.

6. Don’t be too experimental.

Yes, you may want to wear something that is in fashion at the moment, but make sure you don’t overdo that. Pick something that you know works for you. A neckline that you’ve tried before, a blouse cut that shows off your best features. It’s best to experiment within limits.

7. Scout around before finalizing The One!

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Too many options can be confusing too, but make sure you’ve checked all the designers and stores on your list so that you don’t feel like there is anything you may have missed out on. This is extremely important before you pick The One. Look at a few good options and then settle on the best one for you.

8. Go to a tailor who is reliable & trustworthy.

If you are getting your outfit stitched from scratch with the inspiration and reference pictures you have collected, make sure to go to a person you trust fully. Most of the times, we explain something to the makers, they understand something else and the end result a whole new thing, which is nothing like what you’d imagined. So, make sure you go to someone whose work you have seen before.

9. Take someone along with you for lehenga shopping.

Avoid going with a large group of people because there will be different opinions and that can get a bit confusing. However, you must go with someone who will be honest and frank with their opinion, and that will actually help you make that decision. Sometimes, someone else might notice things that you can’t see, and thus, it’s important to have their opinion in mind too.

10. Pick an appropriate time to go shopping.

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Avoid going to a store at the end of their sale period, because you’ll not have many options to choose from. Also, avoid going during weekends. Going on a weekday would be a wiser option because you’ll have enough time to check out all the outfits available and make a choice in a calm manner as the stores won’t be too crowded then.

11. Try wearing the outfit and see how you feel in it.

It’s essential to try the outfit before you give it for fittings/ making. You need to make sure that the fabric feels comfortable and the weight doesn’t bother you. See how you feel when you look into the mirror after wearing it. It must bring a smile on your face and make you go WOW!

12. Buy it only if you love it.

Trust your gut feeling and only buy the lehenga if you can imagine yourself wearing it and flaunting it confidently. It’s normal to feel that there may be a better option elsewhere, but it’s best to find one that you feel good in and lock it. Once you buy something that you are in love with, you’ll automatically feel amazing!

13. Carry a pair of heels with you.

13 bridal lehenga

If you’re planning to wear heels on the big day, make sure to carry the pair with you when you go to finalize the outfit. Then try your outfit and make sure the length is exactly how much you want it to be. This will also give you a better idea of the overall look of the lehenga.

14. Don’t forget to try the outfit 15 days prior to D-day!

It’s extremely important to have the outfit ready much before the big day so that minor tweaks can be made and alterations can be done in time. You’ll also get a chance to see the final product and try it once before sashaying around in it on the final day.

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