The Ultimate Bridal Skincare Routine (Based On Your Skin Type!)

The Ultimate Bridal Skincare Routine (Based On Your Skin Type!)

We’ve decoded the ideal skin care routine for each skin type and this comes right in time for you to start your bridal skincare routine. Whether your wedding is a year away from today or just a few weeks away, it is never too late to learn what would actually work for you. Keep reading to see if you’ve got it right, else, start now and let your skin do the talking on your special day!

1. Normal skin

Very few people actually have normal skin, but, for those who do, the skincare route is fairly straightforward. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise. Add in a serum treatment if you have any problem areas. Normal skin requires bare minimum maintenance like regular clean-ups, a daily CTM routine and monthly clean-ups/ facials.

2. Dry skin

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Do you need to moisturize often? Do you find yourself migrating towards creams and butters? Chances are your skin is dry and needs an extra boost of sebum to stabilise it. Incorporate facial oils into your daily routine to give you skin the extra sebum and glow it needs. Pick from any of the fancy facial oils available in the market or just opt for jojoba oil which mimics skin sebum and is super light. A few weeks of this and there is no looking back. This way, you will have naturally glowy and dewy skin for your big day.

3. Dehydrated skin

It is often mistaken for dry skin but the primary difference is that dry skin lacks adequate sebum whereas dehydrated skin lacks adequate moisture. Best way to identify dehydrated skin is to see if your skin looks brightest right out of the shower but as times passes, it tends to get dull. It is a classic sign of dehydrated skin. Make sure you drink your daily quota of water and use hyaluronic acid based serums and creams. Hyaluronic acid retains water upto 1000 times its own weight and is excellent in forming a barrier between your skin and the elements. Remember since less hydration is the issue, using rich oily creams won’t cut it for you if you have dehydrated skin!

4. Oily skin

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This one is one of the most common skin types and it tends to look shiny most of the time and starts to look greasy a few minutes after washing your face. Mattifying products are best used on this skin type as it soaks in the excess oils and purifies the skin texture. Think ingredients like tea tree and neem which work wonderfully to combat oiliness. You have to be diligent about your CTM routine and repeat it up to 3 times a day, if necessary. Ensure that you stick to oil free and alcohol free products. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol provokes oily skin to produce even more sebum, so it is best given a miss. Blotting papers are your true BFFs, so stash a few in your bridal emergency kit as well!

5. Combination skin

Patches of dryness combined with patches of excessive oiliness is what we get when we have combination skin. It is important to identify combination skin and differentiate it from normal skin which has a uniform texture throughout. Combination skin is one of the most common skin types, yet, it is one of the trickiest to care for. Products for dry skin aggravate the oily parts and vice versa. So, what is a bride-to-be supposed to do? She should pick products formulated primarily for combination skin as they are hydrating while remaining light and oil free.  Stick to alcohol free products and make spot treatment your thing. This goes a long way in treating problem areas without aggravating other parts of the face. Have a zit? Dab some zit cream on the affected area and care of the rest of your face like you would normally. Dry patches being your bane? Use light facial oils all over the face for that bridal glow, and no, they will not trigger oily skin.

6. Acne prone skin

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We have all been there (some of us are still there). Who would’ve thought that our teenage foe would revisit us so close to D-day? But here we are with acne prone skin. We needn’t fret because, like all skin types, if cared for diligently, this one handles itself much better than we had expected. Consult a dermatologist a few months before your big day and stick to the prescription to the T. Acne creams take time to work so be diligent about it. Exfoliate regularly to slough off dead cells and prevent further acne. Keep your phone clean so you don’t trigger cheek breakouts, make sure your skin is well moisturised because acne creams dry out your skin causing it to become patchy and flaky. It goes without saying, sunscreen is an absolute must, especially if you are treating your skin for acne, else, you may risk scarring because your skin is so sensitive due to the treatments. Try seaweed based products as they mattify, hydrate and calm your skin down, helping it settle down in time for your big day!

7. Dull skin

Skin feels normal but doesn’t look radiant no matter what you do? You might have dull skin, but it isn’t anything you have to live with and can’t find a remedy for in time for your wedding. What your skin needs is exfoliation and circulation. Make sure you exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week using a mild exfoliant. Chemical exfoliants are excellent as they buff out your skin without being abrasive. Follow up the exfoliation with an oil massage to boost blood circulation to give your skin that glow from within. Finish off with a caffeinated serum/ cream to help brighten and depuff the skin. This will ensure that it retains the ‘just massaged’ radiance for a while, making it perfect for a bride-to-be!

8. Pigmented skin

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Acne scars? Sun spots? Yes, we all have them and it is actually quite manageable if cared for correctly. Pigmentation is a response to skin trauma, sun exposure, acne etc. Firstly, the underlying cause of pigmentation ought to be treated, i.e. the acne, sun damage etc. This is best done by your dermatologist. Secondly, you have protect your treated skin from further damage so SPF is absolutely mandatory, even indoors. Thirdly, in order to restore your skin to its original state, spot treatment creams and clarifying serums work wonders. If going natural is your choice, then opt for turmeric, mulethi and lemon in your skincare routine and watch your skin transform into a flawless wonder right in time for your wedding!

9. Sun damaged skin

Loved your hen party in that tropical beachy paradise? Have you returned to realise the aftermath of all the sunbathing and frolicking around in pools for hours on end? We have all been there and it can be taken care off. Hoping you’ve used adequate sunscreen diligently throughout your vacation, you’ve probably prevented a major chunk of the damage. But here is the thing, sunscreen alone doesn’t cut it because some rays still end up reaching the skin and causing damage. Do some immediate damage control with pure aloe vera gel. It cools your skin down, reduces burns and itchiness, and combats dryness. Once you’ve calmed your skin down, it is important to try and undo any sun damage like spots and an unwanted tan. A mixture of honey, besan and milk left on your skin and scrubbed off will take care of the tan. As for the spots, leave that to the experts and seek medical advice ASAP. Make sure you never ever skip sunscreen to protect your skin from further damage. Diligent skincare can undo sun damage within a few weeks/ months, so worry not, you will be your flawless best for your special day!

10. Sensitive skin

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For those with sensitive skin, it is crucial to pay a lot of attention to the ingredients in the products to see if there are any that could irritate your skin, As a thumb rule, you should steer clear of alcohol and natural active ingredients. True, natural ingredients work wonders but all natural ingredients aren’t without side effects. If you are using products with natural ingredients, make sure you’ve done a patch test and studied the ingredients thoroughly. Ideally, your entire skin routine should be formulated under a doctor’s supervision because you don’t want to be experimenting and taking chances a few weeks/ months before your wedding. Don’t change your skincare regime drastically and stick to brands that’ve worked for you in the past. Use hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic products which have been formulated especially for sensitive skin.

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