10 Aww-dorable Ways To Make Him Miss You When You’re Away!

10 Aww-dorable Ways To Make Him Miss You When You’re Away!

Ladies, we all know how it is all hearts and flowers and I miss you’s in the beginning of a relationship. However, as time passes you we get comfortable with our partners and the expression of love becomes less obvious. So, for those few times when you want to prompt your man to be more vocal about his feelings here are a few ways to make your guy miss you!

1. Accidentally forget something at his place

1 ways to make your guy miss you

To ensure that your man is constantly reminded of you, just casually ‘forget’ things at his place. It could be your toothbrush, your favourite perfume, a scarf or maybe even a belt that he took off of you. This tiny little thing that you left behind is sure to bring back memories of having you around and he won't be able to stop thinking about you.

2. Thirst trap him!

Put up a picture of yourself looking hot, hot, HOT. It could be #ThrowbackThursday from the time you went on a beach vacay, or just a cute selfie of yourself. Your picture is surely going to make him miss you so much more!

3. Keep texting him every now and then

3 ways to make your guy miss you

A slightly weird but cute selfie or a romantic quote every now and then will keep him thinking of you. He will not only miss you but it will also put a big smile on his face! But ladies, don’t overdo it. The charm will only last if you use this trick sparingly.

4. Always leave him wanting more

We all want what we can't have and the same holds true for men as well. Instead of giving in to everything too easily, always leave him wanting more. Dress up sexy, flirt a little, kiss him passionately but pull away and don’t just give in already. The thrill of chasing and making an effort to win a girl over is what drives men crazy and draws them to their lady like a moth to a flame.

5. Sexting and snapping

5 ways to make your guy miss you

Causing your man’s hormones to rush and creating a little sexual excitement is a sure shot way to make him miss you and want you like never before. Wondering how to do this? Send him some naughty snaps and sext messages revealing a little but hiding a lot at the same time. Voila, mission accomplished!

6. Be hot and happy and make sure he knows

By just having avenues of pleasure other than your man, and investing time and effort in keeping yourself fit and happy is enough to make your man miss you. Sounds confusing right? Just knowing that his girl is confident, independent and driven and the fact that she loves herself (more than him), makes her incredibly attractive and desirable.

7. A little mystery goes a long way

7 ways to make your guy miss you

In a new relationship, it is always great fun to share everything about yourself with your guy but at the same time you don’t want him losing interest in you, do you? So dear girl, consider telling him a little about you, but not everything in one go. Keeping his curiosity levels high and creating a little mystery around you will keep him on his toes for sure!

8. Not using all your free time to hang out with him may help!

Always saying yes to every date night or plan that he makes is not necessary. Be smart and tactful by dividing your free time between you boyfriend and your friends and you can be certain that he will be craving you when you're out partying it up with your girl gang!

9. Go the fragrance way

9 ways to make your guy miss you

A sense of smell that we associate with a particular person brings back memories of them. Every time you meet your man, just make sure to wear the same scent so that he associates it with the happy time you two spend together.

P.S. Be a little sneaky and spritz a little on his T-shirt, pillow and around the house but be sure to be super discreet ( cause you don't want to come across as a crazy girl). After you’ve left leaving your scent behind, he will literally struggle to keep himself from missing you.

10. Depart on a happy note

When you are parting ways after a day out or date night, make sure that you leave him on a high note. That way, he will leave you feeling incredibly happy and he would crave that feeling more and more while you’re no longer around.

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