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This Amazing Video Proves That EVERY Girl Is Awesome!

This Amazing Video Proves That EVERY Girl Is Awesome!

A woman often feels bogged down with the incessant amount of scrutiny she receives from the society. Her body, her appearance, her career - almost every aspect of her being is up for discussion. But all of us are unique and yes, special, in our own way. Which is why, our bodies are to be celebrated, our confidence at work needs to be lauded and we can certainly do with fewer people telling us what we can and cannot do. We have our own quirks, eccentricities and talents. As this ad brilliantly puts it - being our own distinct self is empowering and all kinds of amazing. Quite contrary to the society’s perception of us, our physical appearance doesn’t limit or constrain us, women everywhere are breaking stereotypes and being fabulous in their own skin. #WeAreAllFabulous

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Published on May 25, 2017
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