10 Essentials EVERY Modern Girl Should Carry In Her Bag!

10 Essentials EVERY Modern Girl Should Carry In Her Bag!

A modern girl’s handbag is a treasure trove of all things useful. We literally have a fix for every problem - big or small, to live our lives as efficiently as possible. Here are 10 essentials every modern girl needs to carry in her bag.

1. Beauty essentials

A bit of mascara and lipstick to spruce up our look as we move from one meeting to the next. A small pouch of beauty essentials, including a small mirror, is to ensure that we appear on point even as we navigate through the most hectic of days.

1  essentials every modern girl needs

2. A pocket perfume

Especially during the sweltering summer season, it is of paramount importance for every girl to carry a small roll-on or deodorant. This will help her keep smelling fresh, no matter how hot it gets.  

3. Sanitary pads to the rescue

Girls, we all know keeping a sanitary pad handy at all times is of great use. What if Aunty Flo decides to come early? We’d recommend the new Stayfree XL Ultra Thin which is thinner for comfortable movement and comes with up to a 100 percent fluid lock. So whether you’re a dancer, a student or a banker, the new Stayfree XL will help you sail through your periods with ease.  

4. One for the little outfit bleeps

A teeny tiny emergency sewing kit (that includes a few safety pins) should find a spot in your cute leather satchel. This is to ensure that even if one of your shirt’s button comes undone, you’re prepared to fix it then and there.

4 essentials every modern girl needs

5. A box of healthy snacks

The modern girl is almost always on the move. So if you are stuck in traffic or running late for class or a meeting and have no time to grab lunch, a nutribar or box of sliced fruits will fill you up sufficiently until you can.

6. An interesting book

This is to keep you occupied during a long commute to work or college. The modern girl is always articulate and well-reasoned and books only help us get better at expressing ourselves.

7. A go-to playlist

Be it your phone or music player, the playlist can be on any device. The idea is to constantly have the kind of music at your disposal which helps you relax and also improves your productivity through the day.

7  essentials every modern girl needs

8. Pen and a diary

So that you can jot down all your interesting thoughts and ideas during the day or even someone’s phone number at a moment’s notice if need be.

9. A bit of cash, just in case

Most places accept digital payments these days, but even then a modern girl should carry some amount of cash with her at all times which can be of great help during dire emergency situations.

10.  Phone charger or power bank

In many ways, our phones are not just a way of communication but our outlet to the world. So it’s smart to carry a power charger or a phone bank if you are anticipating a long day out and need your phone to coordinate with various people.

10  essentials every modern girl needs

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