10 Quick & Easy Ways To Give Your Room A FAB Makeover!

10 Quick & Easy Ways To Give Your Room A FAB Makeover!

More often than not, your room is the place where you crave to spend your time after a long tiring day. Your hiding place, your finding place, it reflects your sensibilities and is an extension of your creative personality. As you grow and evolve, so should your room. Here are 10 super simple ways to give your room a makeover.

1. Light away

For most times, we don’t want to switch on the bright white tube lights in our room. An easy and creative alternative would be to invest in some statement lighting pieces - a table or night lamp, fairy lights, or a simple chandelier could just personalise your space and make your room stand out.

1 ways to give your room a makeover

2. Mirror mirror on the wall

Adding a huge mirror, preferably one with an intricate bright border will make your room look more spacious. It will also make dressing up in the morning way easier.

3. Accentuate one corner wall

An easy and obvious way to give your room a makeover would be to change the colour of your walls. We’d recommend the Intense Ocean shade which has recently been announced as the Colour of the Year 2017 by Asian Paints to highlight one corner wall. With its green-blue pigments and grey undertones, this colour is a shade of teal that embodies depth alongside warmth can sure make your room stand out.

3 ways to give your room a makeover

4. Go green

For that serene and peaceful factor, invest in a few small and easy to maintain indoor plants. This will definitely make your room stand out.

5. Upholstery spree

Go to the mall with a theme in mind and shop for a fresh set of upholstery - curtains, bedsheets, pillow and cushion covers - basically the whole gamut. Mix and match the upholstery to give your room a cool and classy vibe. For example throw some large size cushions in the Intense Ocean shade on a beige coloured sofa,  this can instantly give your room the much-needed change.

5 ways to give your room a makeover

6. Posters ahoy

Find a way to incorporate the great loves of your life - your favourite actors, tv shows, quotes from your favourite books, in your room. An easy and efficient way to do it is through posters as they’ll also make your room appear perky and cool!

7. Pocket full of memories

If you haven’t had a collage of your favourite moments with your favourite people up on the wall, sit down with your stash of stationery and do it already! That way, even if you miss them, your loved ones will always continue to inhabit the same space as you.

7 ways to give your room a makeover

8. Block-a-choc    

While doing up the walls, try and colour block your overall room as well. For every pronounced colour, there should be another light alternative that complements it perfectly. A light coloured rug will go well with dark wood furniture, a light blue-coloured bookshelf could complement the corner wall which is in  Intense Ocean’s darker teal shade.

9. Reorganise your furniture

Change things around a bit. Your bed, your armchair, your study table. You’d be surprised at how it just transforms your room into a distinctly different place. Use Intense Ocean trims with a white mirror, accessorize a solid colour sofa with Intense Ocean cushions, liven up the entryway and make it for a fun, welcoming experience by painting your door in a lively shade of teal.

9 ways to give your room a makeover

10. Be flexible

Finally, you might have a very specific theme in mind when it comes to giving your room a makeover, but also be prepared to tweak the vision a tad bit, if logistics don’t go your way.  

*This post is in association with Asian Paints.