11 Simple & Silly Promises That’ll Make Your Guy Smile!

11 Simple & Silly Promises That’ll Make Your Guy Smile!

Sometimes, it pays to be extra cheesy and cute in love. So here are 11 super cute promises to make to your boyfriend. These are JLT promises, nothing that’ll weigh you down - but they'll definitely make you share some sweet moments with your guy!

1. ‘I promise to give you sloppy kisses when you have had a bad day.’

Because even if I cannot sort out all of your problems, I can make it a little easier for you to get through them.

1 Cute promises

2. ‘I promise to order the Joey special pizza whenever you’re mad at me and let you have the last slice.’

Just so you know how much I really love you!

3. ‘I promise to be a little cray cray forever, so that you remember that life doesn't always need to be serious.’

I won’t let you be Mr Cranky Pants!

3 cute promises

4. ‘I promise to never leave you alone even when you ask me to.’

Because I know that that’s when you’ll need me the most.

5. ‘I promise to keep wearing your tees as a nightsuit even if that makes me look silly AF!’

It’s comfy and I know you find it cute!

5 cute promises

6. ‘I promise to be your knight in shining armour, whenever you need me to be.’

Because I believe in defending and protecting my love against all odds.

7. ‘I promise to squish you with a tight hug every now and then.’

So that no matter how much you are worried or stressed or sad, you will cheer up and you’ll know that you are not in this alone!

7 cute promises

8. ‘I promise to teach you to dance, just enough to not make you look like a drowning penguin.’

Because, let’s face it, it ain’t a good idea to have 2 left feet for life!

9. ‘I promise to help you be better equipped for when I start my period.’

I will write it down for you… My fav chocolate, ice cream and the kind of pads I use (for when I need you to fetch me a pack).

9 cute promises

10. ‘I promise to never tell anyone that you too cry during emotional movies.’

It kinda makes me go ‘Awww!’ though. And it's nothing to be ashamed of!

11. ‘I promise to love you even when we are toothless and a little bent over.’

You’re stuck with me forever! *Heart*

11 cute promises

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