10 Cheesy Things Every Girl *Secretly* Wants Her Boyfriend To Do

10 Cheesy Things Every Girl *Secretly* Wants Her Boyfriend To Do

Even if you are not a very romantic or cheesy person, every girl wants a lil bit of fairy tale and romcom love in her life… Romantic gestures, perfect little moments and happy beginnings! At the risk of sounding cheesy, here are a few moments every girl wants to live in a relationship!

1. Textual love

From sweet 'good morning' messages to 'missing you' at night, we sure want our days to begin and end with texts from him.

2. Surprise, surprise

Be it a quick visit to your college or office or about going down on one knee to ask you the big question, we love surprises! They make us feel so loved and cared for.

3. Celebrating the days

No matter how much we call them ‘overrated’, inside, we wouldn’t mind the chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s or a candle lit dinner for the ‘first time we met’ anniversary.

3.moments every girl wants

4. Going over the top

Not every single day, but once in a while we won’t mind the OTT, cute and mushy gestures… Buying us a new dress or sending us a bouquet of our fave flowers. It just makes us go ‘awwww’ when he does that!

5. PDA please!

Especially on social media. It’s a great feeling to be tagged or get a mention on his feed… Whether it is a meme he tags us in or a work achievement that he lauds us for.

6. Cooking up a storm

You know what’s better than an awesome dinner together, is cooking that meal together. Part sexy, part romantic and a whole lot of fun.

6.moments every girl wants

7. Under the mistletoe...

...Or not, but that romantic midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve? Every girl has dreamed about it, at least once.

8. Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles!

Women need lots and lots of cuddling and pampering and wouldn’t mind a hug, ever so often. Shower on your love baby!

9. Vacay spell

Everyone dreams of travelling the world with the person they love – and you sure won’t mind starting from the nearest hill station though, right?

9.moments every girl wants

10. Appreciation. Lots and lots of it

Not that you need his nod on all that you aspire to be, but you would love for him to appreciate and motivate you!

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