Confessions Of A Girl Who Played A *Risky* Prank On Her Guy

Confessions Of A Girl Who Played A *Risky* Prank On Her Guy

April Fools’ Day was around the corner and I was super excited to prank my boyfriend. Yes, you read that right! I wanted to add fun to our relationship by scaring him a little. And is there anything that scares a boyfriend more than a well-planned prank? I don’t think so!

Of course, it had to be carefully timed or I knew he’d figure it out. I had spent weeks thinking about what to do and how to do it. I swayed between calling him out to meet and then not showing up at all or to get one of my friends to start flirting with him and freak him out! But both of them seemed kind of hard to carry out and maybe a little too extreme.

It was on the night of April Fools’ that things actually played out in my favour. We were both talking on the phone and he was telling me about one of his hostel mates who recently got slapped by two girls because he was cheating on both of them. The conversation flowed into how moral or ethical it was to cheat on partners. And then it struck me! It was really risky to say it to him but I thought, this is the best way to find out whether he was a good sport or not. So while he was telling me about how he doesn’t want to judge people who cheat on their partners but he could not help it, I grew a little silent and then went ‘Babe, I am sorry but I have to tell you something.’ ‘What is it?’ he asked

‘Well, I… Actually, forget about it.’

‘What do you mean? Tell me!’ he said. He absolutely hated it when I said things like these, I can’t really blame him, though!

‘No it’s nothing really, I just, well you know that party I went to last week?’

‘Yeah?’ he asked.

Internal pranked her boyfriend

‘Well, I… It’s nothing, forget about it.’

‘What is it? What did you do?’ By now his voice was getting a little grave and I could sense he was falling for it.

‘I kissed somebody.’ I said with a little sob in my voice.

He didn’t say anything for five minutes and then, click, he hung up on me. I laughed a little and immediately called him back, he didn’t answer. So I kept calling until he finally picked up and said ‘I can’t believe you are still calling me after what you did. I really don’t want to talk to you anymore and I can’t believe I trusted you and this is what you did!’ I was torn between laughing out loud or continuing the prank, either way I knew he was going to hate me for a while… Any girl who has ever pranked her boyfriend would know that.

‘Baby, I was just joking. It’s an April Fools Day prank!’ I told him in between my laughter. On the other end I could feel him breathing angrily before he said, ‘That wasn’t even funny and it isn’t 1st April yet!’ ‘Well check your calendar, it’s midnight so technically, it is 1st of April!’

Unlike what I had thought in my head, the fact that I was joking did not really calm him down. He went on another rant about how this was the most unfunny prank he had ever heard of and he could not believe I would do this to him. In between trying to be sincere and making him believe that it was actually a prank, I could not help but let loose my fits of laughter.

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As it turned out, my boyfriend wasn’t much of a sport about it but I couldn’t help but find that super cute and even though till date he doesn’t really believe me, I have a jolly time laughing about it, which always makes him roll his eyes… I really don’t know why!

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