Confessions Of A Girl Who Slept With A Guy… On The First Date

Confessions Of A Girl Who Slept With A Guy… On The First Date

I had heard a lot about rebound relationships but never really entertained the idea of getting into one. In fact, till date, I don’t consider what happened that night a rebound even though everyone else seems to think so. Firstly, because it happened six months after my break-up and according to me, I was already over my ex which is why I even agreed to go on a date with somebody else.

When I first met Abhishek that night, I thought he was cute. He was attractive in the basic sense - great smile, good set of teeth, a fairly nice built and big eyes. When he met me, he had a rose in his hand which (even though I am no fan of flowers) was super sweet of him. We went for a very typical candle light date dinner. It was after the first hour into the date that I finally accepted the fact that even though he was cute, sweet and even at some level hot - talking to him made me feel nothing.

What are you supposed to do in a situation like this? I wondered as I smiled, responding to whatever he was saying. I was attracted to him, there was no denying that but I just couldn’t see myself actually dating him after that night. So I decided to be cordial and nice until it was time to leave. Once we were out of the restaurant, I was just getting ready to say goodbye when he asked if I would like to come over to his place instead.

Internal sex on the first date

For a minute, I just stood there staring at him. My mind quickly doing the math - there was no way I was meeting him for another date but did I want to spend the night with him? Maybe. So 20 minutes later, I was sitting in his room as he offered me a pint of beer. We talked more, this time I tried telling him more about myself instead of just listening to him and the conversation didn’t seem as drab as it had before. My heart wasn’t fluttering like I had imagined it to but I was getting more comfortable. So another hour later, when he asked me if he could kiss me, I didn’t mind.

No matter what the conversation was like I think that kiss more than made up for it. It also made up my mind for what the rest of the night would look like. Did I plan to have sex on the first date with him? Definitely not. Did I want to? Definitely yes. For a moment, the thought of what he’d think about me if we ended up having sex on our first date, crossed my mind but then I pushed it aside. If I was sleeping with him, he was sleeping with me too, so that just put us on an equal platform.

The next morning we woke up and even had breakfast together before I headed off to work and he… Well, I don’t know what he did. We did meet a couple of times after that but even then I never felt any spark so we called it off. However, we’re still friends and I still don’t call it a rebound - he was just a guy who was cute and sweet and who I slept with.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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