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11 Sexy Ways To Tease Your Boyfriend Like Never Before

11 Sexy Ways To Tease Your Boyfriend Like Never Before

Tired of playing the good girl? No worries! We’re about to help you unleash your inner sex goddess! He’s going to want you even more after you put these clever tips into practice... Without making you look too obvious in your approach, we’re going to help you give him subtle hints. Are you ready to catch his attention in the most seductive fashion? Here are 11 clever ways to tease your boyfriend.

1. A Sexy Selfie Of Yourself

Whether you choose to change your Whatsapp display picture or send it to him directly, both ways work! Seeing you pose in that gorgeous black dress will instantly have his eyes glued to the screen. We bet the guy won’t stop fantasizing about you once he sees your picture! *Wink*

1 tease your boyfriend

2. Some Pretty Hot Lingerie

Remember girls, when it comes to picking up lingerie - the kinkier, the better! For your man, it’s not just visually pleasing to look at, but also helps turn up the heat in between the sheets! Trust us, once you take off that dress and give him a sneak peak, his hands are going to be ALL over you.

3. Showering In Front Of Him

Without giving him a hint, step into the bathroom, undress, turn on the hot shower and keep the door slightly open. Watching you make eye contact with him while you bathe is going to make him go weak in the knees! Here’s a tip: Try inviting him in the shower with you next time.

3 tease your boyfriend

4. A Little Striptease Didn’t Hurt Anyone

He may not have mentioned it, but every guy loves a good striptease session. You performing for him, makes him feel desirable and special. Feel free to let your hair loose, touch yourself and make lots of eye contact while unbuttoning your shirt. Works like a charm!

5. Dirty Dancing Is Always Welcome

Put on some slow music and groove to the beat in your prettiest dress and tallest heels. Put your arm around his waist and sway around the room like nobody's watching the both of you. He’ll know where this is heading! *Blush*

5 tease your boyfriend 

6. Flip Your Hair Back & Forth

Weird but true, flipping your hair can make a guy feel a lot of sexy things about you. The trick is to make it look natural and not intentional. Refrain from eye contact and do that sexy thing with your hair. He’ll be swooning over you for good!

7. The Perfume Of Seduction

Most guys love a woman who smells good. Your boyfriend is no exception here. Choosing the right perfume will draw him towards you. Opt for musk, licorice, lily, red velvet or vanilla, and you’ll have him in your arms all day and night.

7 tease your boyfriend

8. Lace For The Win

The beauty of wearing lace is that it reveals just enough skin without being too obvious. It’s classy and makes any girl look irresistible. Lingerie, dresses and tops in colours of red, black, mauve, navy blue and ivory, always steal the show!

9. Text Him Something Sinfully Naughty

Sending him a naughty text while he’s at work is the best and easiest way to make him think about you all day long. Whether it’s a voice note, your thoughts or some saucy song lyrics, he’s going to be smiling and having a fantastic day at work.

9 tease your boyfriend

10. Compliments & Lots Of Touching

When you’re having a conversation casually brush your hand against his. Make him feel wanted without going all out. Play with his hair and gently stroke his thighs and nudge your legs over his. He’s going to get the hint alright!

11. Catch Him Off Guard!

He could be driving you to work or visiting you at home, that’s when you should full advantage of the situation. Lock lips when he least expects or randomly graze his package! Sure, he’s going to feel surprised. But that’s the whole point!

11 tease your boyfriend

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