#Bridechilla: 10 Desi Brides Who Had A Blast At Their Wedding!

#Bridechilla: 10 Desi Brides Who Had A Blast At Their Wedding!

Gorgeous lehengas, beautiful mehendi designs, stunning jewellery, pretty hairdos...we’ve shared so many such pictures with you. But today, we’re keeping all that aside to make way for some of the coolest brides we spotted recently. Photos of brides having fun, going all out, doing their thing, breaking the ‘rules’ and just being their fabulous self. Quirky elements, big smiles and hatke ideas...there’s all of it. Check out these 10 brides and their fun wedding photos.

1. The bride who danced to ‘Cheap Thrills’

1 fun wedding photos

Now this is one video that none of us will forget anytime soon. Bride Amisha danced to Cheap Thrills while getting ready for her big day and it truly is the most amazing thing ever! It’s unique, it’s fun and unlike anything that we’ve ever seen before. Shot by CoolBluez Photography, you can watch the video here.

2. Say hello to the DJ bride!

2 fun wedding photos

Image: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram

The bride briefly took over the DJ console and we got ourselves this totally amazing picture! What say, want to try it at your wedding too?!

3. The bride’s got SWAG!

3 fun wedding photos

Image: Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram

The bride went in for a Dolly Ki Doli inspired pre-wedding shoot and it really is the coolest ever! A blue lehenga complete with sneakers, a leather jacket and shades, she totally made us go WOW!

4. The bride who threw a holi party!

4 fun wedding photos

Image: WeddingNama on Instagram

POPxo SuperBlogger Masoom Minawala’s wedding was one grand affair. But what we loved most was the holi party she hosted. A first for us, she looks like she’s having a complete ball with all those colours!

5. Twinning with her adorable pet Pantu!

5 fun wedding photos

Image: WeddingNama on Instagram

Awww… do we really have to say something? The bride and her baby Pantu were twinning on the wedding day. Just look at him standing all tall and handsome in that beautiful sherwani!

6. The bride who turned things around

6 fun wedding photos

Image: CoolBluez Photography on Instagram

Why should boys have all the fun? This picture of the bride picking up her man is just the cutest ever.

7. The bride who knows exactly how to have fun!

7 fun wedding photos

Image: Artfoto Studios on Instagram

Why dance on the ground when you can get up on that speaker and celebrate your big day?!

8. High on life!

8 fun wedding photos

Image: WeddingNama on Instagram

Can’t get over this bride and groom jumping up with joy at their mandap. Now how many of us can do that at our wedding?

9. The bridechilla!

9 fun wedding photos

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

A flying kiss - check. Oversized sunnies that read ‘Bride To Be’ - check. Isn’t that the receipe for one kickass wedding photo?!

10. The bride who entered on a bike!

10 fun wedding photos

The #MitAli wedding was all kinds of awesome. And bride Mitali made sure her pet Pantu was there with her throughout the celebrations. So Mitali made her bridal entry on a bike with Pantu standing in the front. If this doesn’t give you shaadi goals, what else will?! Shot by WeddingNama, watch Mitali and Ali’s wedding video here.

Go on, brides-to-be, give these fun photo a shot!