10 Bra Jokes That Will Make Every Girl Laugh Out Loud!

10 Bra Jokes That Will Make Every Girl Laugh Out Loud!

On most days, the happiest moment for every girl is when she is able to come back home and remove her bra. The feeling of removing the painful underwired contraption can be easily equated to freedom in its truest sense. This feeling is relatable to women across the world, and here are 10 bra jokes that’ll make all you laugh out loud.

1. Because size matters…

‘If your cup is only half full, you probably need a different bra.’

Source: Shae Aaron on Twitter

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2. This relatable conundrum…

‘The hardest part of maintaining a friendship with an ex is that suddenly you have to wear bra and pants.’

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Source: Shalyah Evans on Twitter

3. Having your priorities damn straight...

‘I’m so glad my bra is here to help me catch all the popcorn that misses my mouth.’

Source: Angelradioes on Tumblr

4. Double standards ain’t no fun…

‘Guys can sag their pants down to their knees but God forbid you see my bra strap.’

Source: Female Problems on Twitter

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5. This insane burn…

‘He said: Why do you wear a bra, you don’t have enough to put in it. She fired back: You wear pants, don’t you?’

Source: Original Fujiko on Twitter

6. Getting through the week like…

‘Just slung my bra off and threw it to the other side of the couch where there are already two other bras. If my Math is right, it’s Wednesday.’

Source: Bubble Girl on Twitter

7. The truth is always painful…

‘The ones you keep closest to your heart hurt you the most. Like the underwire in my bra that tried to stab me.’

Source: Jes on Twitter

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8. The quest for that one damn comfortable bra...

‘Went shopping for some sexy lingerie and came home with the same granny panties and formless utilitarian shelf bra I always wear, but in black. Rawr.’

Source: Ijeoma Oluo on Twitter

9. An end to all your mood swings…

‘You ever angry and sad and confused, but then you take off your bra.’

Source: Charlene deGuzman on Twitter

10. And what’s even better than taking your bra off?

‘As far as I am concerned, the perfect bra is a sweatshirt.’

Source: Mostlysane on Twitter

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