11 Subtle Body Language Signs That Show He’s Into You!

11 Subtle Body Language Signs That Show He’s Into You!

If the guy you like isn’t good with words, you can take a closer look, his actions bare his feelings better than words can. This holds true especially when he has feelings for a special someone and isn’t ready to make an elaborate confession, just yet. So, there a few body language signs to look out for. Here’s what a guy will probably do if he really likes you.

1. He subtly flirts with you

He isn’t too out there but he notices little things about you and pays you genuine compliments. And you can’t help but smile because it’s so darn cute when he does that!

1 body language signs

2. He tries to sit close to you or directly opposite to you

When you’re going out for dinner or lunch, even if it’s with a group of friends, he tries to sit next to you. If that doesn’t work out he tries to take a seat opposite you, so that you are directly in his line of sight.

3. He leans towards you when you are sitting together

For instance, if you are out for a movie, he rests his arm on the armrest he shares with you and leans towards you. This is a sign that he is interested in you and also a tad bit romantic, if you think about it!

3 body language signs

4. He smiles more than usual when he is talking to you

Because he probably can’t help it! When a guy likes you, he finds it hard to mask the fact that he is enjoying having a conversation with you, to the core.

5. … And at times, tends to blush a little

If you pay him a compliment, chances are he will blush a little too! Just like his compliments give you flutters, your compliments make his heart skip a beat too!

5 body language signs

6. He occasionally tries to make gentle physical contact

Nothing that makes you uncomfortable or makes him look desperate. It can be brushing his hand against yours or just touching his arm with yours when he sits beside you.

7. He ignores his phone when he is with you

He tends to keep his phone aside and even ignore unimportant calls while he is with you. He makes sure he gives you undivided attention.

7 body language signs

8. He touches his neck while he is having a conversation with you.

Guys usually stroke or caress the back of their neck when they are a tad nervous. This one’s a tell-tale sign, ladies, and kinda looks cute too!

9. Looks at you to see how you react to the things he says

Because he wants to make sure he doesn’t say or do anything that offends or upsets you. If his jokes make you laugh then he’s gonna make sure he keeps it up and if something he says upsets you he will make an effort to tone him down.

9 body language signs

10. He tends to be more animated than usual when he is having a conversation with you

If he likes you and you have spent some time together, he will start opening up to you. When he does that, he tends to be more animated and expressive as compared to when he talks to his other friends.

11. He makes sure he is walking beside you, not behind or ahead

He wants to walk with you so that he can enjoy your company and strike a conversation. Walking behind you would make him appear extra shy and if he walks ahead of you, it might give a subtle ‘I-don’t-care-about-you’ vibe.

11 body language signs

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