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10 *Genius* Bikini Wax Tips For The Bride-To-Be!

10 *Genius* Bikini Wax Tips For The Bride-To-Be!

Every bride-to-be wants to be fresh, fuzz-free, and have a glowing complexion on her big day! And for that much-anticipated first night - well, you’ve got to be smooth and radiant down there too, right? This is exactly why your bikini wax session just before the wedding day is super important. Here we are, with some of the best bikini wax tips you must keep in mind for your big appointment just before D-day.

1. Timing matters

It is known that you are most sensitive to pain in the days just before your period. So, make it a point to go 2-3 days after you’ve finished with your period, but before the wedding, of course. This will ensure the session isn’t too painful and you get through it with ease and less stress. Be sure to get waxed at least 3 days before the festivities begin.

2. Patience is key

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You have to let that fuzz grow out before the wax session, brides-to-be. Make sure you leave enough of a gap between two bikini wax appointments so that the length of the hair is just right. The correct length of hair is important for it to be waxed off properly and as painlessly as possible. A quarter of an inch is the ideal hair length for a wax.

3. Scrub, scrub, scrub

That pesky ingrown hair can be so annoying! It is bound to appear on the surface just a few days after your waxing session and that’s something you definitely wouldn’t want in that area! One efficient way to deal with this is by scrubbing it with a gentle, granular scrub a day before your appointment.

4. Know your fave wax type

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After a few wax sessions, you will have a clear idea about which kind of wax suits you most - chocolate, normal, peel off, rica or any other type. Make sure that the parlour you visit has that wax type in stock so that you don’t have any sort of rashes and discomfort due to waxing. You don’t want to deal with an unpleasant condition down there on your wedding day, brides-to-be.

5. Go to a tried and tested salon

Trying a new place for your bikini wax just before the wedding is a bad idea. The way they go about it, the waxes types and the hygiene levels differ at every parlour. So, be mindful of where you book that appointment and the particular parlour lady you’re comfortable with.

6. Discuss with your parlour lady

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Nothing like it, brides-to-be, if you know your parlour wali well and are comfy with her waxing your bikini area. Let her know if there are any particular sensitive spots and ask her to be careful about the same. This way, she’ll know your weak and strong points and do this in the most efficient way. It’s also super important to inform her about whether you want to go bald down there or wish to leave behind a landing strip.

7. Trim beforehand

If the length of your hair is more than required, trim it beforehand or ask your parlour day to do the same before she starts with your bikini wax. If the hair there is longer that needed, it could cause some pulling and discomfort.

8. Take regular breaks

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As much as you’re tempted to get over and done with that bikini waxing ASAP, ensure that you take 3-4 breaks in the middle of the session. This will allow your skin to breathe, and take care of any redness/ blotchiness in the area. Being too quick and harsh with the bikini wax will leave you with sore skin down there on your wedding day. Plus, it’ll help you take some deep, relaxing breaths in between waxing too. Trust us, it’ll help make the experience better.

9. Cooling cures

It could be cotton dipped in refrigerated rose water, or aloe vera gel, or some lacto calamine - use any of these to cool the bikini area right after your waxing session. This will soothe the skin down there and take care of any redness or inflammation that the waxing might have caused.

10. No caffeine before the appointment

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Drink lots of water before your bikini wax appointment, and steer clear of consuming any caffeinated products and alcohol. The stimulating effects of caffeine and booze can tighten the pores, which leads to the hair being gripped more strongly. This will then result in the hair breaking at the surface of the skin and growing out too soon after your wax session. Not to mention, extra pain! Just skip your regular cuppa before the appointment, dear bride.

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