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15 Waterproof Kajals That Won’t Smudge & Smear This Summer!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

Summer is here and boy, is it getting hotter by the day! You know when the temperature rises what happens to your gorgeous eye makeup right? It smudges! If you don’t have a waterproof kajal by your side, you could be in a soup! Invest in one that helps keep your eyes cool in the heat and stays on through rain or shine. To help you pick the coolest waterproof kajals, we’ve compiled a list of the best! Each of these babies is affordable and durable in the scorching heat as well as the rains. Read on to check them out, we say!

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Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal

From a price value, this kajal is affordable and is perfect for any college girl to carry around in her makeup pouch. When applying, add a hint of drama to your eyes by applying the kohl on both, your upper lashline and lower lash line. We bet you’ll have bold and sexy eyes in no time!

Elle 18

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Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

The best part about using this kajal is that you don’t need to sharpen it! You can easily twist up the kohl and glide it on both your lash lines. Since it is a dermatologically tested product, it’s safe to use on your eyes and doesn’t cause itching.


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Maybelline Colossal Kajal

Once you start using this Maybelline colossal kajal, you cannot go back to using any other product. The packaging is sleek and the product feels light when applied to the eyes. We think it’s one of the best summer beauty essentials for any girl to pick up.


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Coloressence Bridal Kajal

We love how stylish and creative the packaging of this product is. It not only looks classy but the product is also extremely lightweight. Adding definition to your eyes, it also claims to have a nourishing formula that makes the application a smooth and pleasant experience.


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L'oreal Paris Kajal Magique

Once you use a L’oreal kajal you’ll get hooked onto it! It’s simply amazing because it makes your eyes look bold and dramatic. Packed with vitamin E, cocoa butter, olive oil esters and vitamin C derivatives, your eyes are going to be in for a nutritional treat.

L'Oreal Paris

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Lotus Herbals Ecostay Kajal

Apart from the fact that it draws attention to your eyes, this jet black kajal protects your eyelashes and stays on for a good 10 hours. The kohl has a velvety soft texture and is suitable for girls who wear contact lenses too.

Lotus Herbals

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Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal

Only after trying this kajal will you understand how smooth, creamy and cool it feels on your eyes. Lasting up to 12 hours, you’ve got yourself a fabulous kajal. Use the applicator to blend after. It will give your eyes a mysterious smoky finish.


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Attitude Kajal Eyeliner Pencil

A girl with a confident attitude deserves a kajal that compliments her strong personality as well. This kajal is the bomb! It’s raven black and doesn’t smudge even during the hottest of days. It’s luxury on the eyes!


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Avon Extralasting Kajal

If you’re new to eyemakeup, befriend this kajal. It’s in the form of a pretty red pencil and glides on your lash lines with ease. Instead of using your fingers, it comes with an applicator that helps you smudge and ace the smokey eye look like a pro.


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The Body Shop Matte Kajal

One of the latest kajals in the market, this baby’s packaging looks futuristic AF. Once you apply it to your eyes, you will notice that it stays on for a good 16-20 hours. No need to reapply, you’ve got yourself a sweet deal.

The Body Shop

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Colorbar Mesmer Eyes Kajal

With this fabulous kajal, you can charm the daylights out of any guy you want! A pencil-form kajal that does a perfect job at adding a hint of drama to those gorgeous pair of eyes. Buying this must-have makeup product will be the best decision you’ve made so far!


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SoulTree Pure Black Kajal

At first, you may mistaken this kajal to be a lipstick, however, if you look closer, you’ll notice that it makes a lovely eye makeup product. Its gives definition to your eyes and makes them stand out. The next time you walk into class or an interview, let your eyes do the talking.

The Souled Store

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Johara Deep Impact Kajal

One stroke is all it takes to have instantly bold, sexy eyes. Once applied, you’ll notice that your eyes start to feel cool and instead of smudging, it stays on for long hours. If you ask us, it’s worth every rupee spent.


13 waterproof kajals 2562375

Amura Colour Cosmetics Professional Herbal Pencil Kajal

When you’re holding onto this kajal pencil, you just know that no amount of heat can ruin your eye makeup. This one is meant for rough and tough use and trust us, by the end of it, you’ll get addicted to using it everyday..


14 waterproof kajals 4279456

Nelf Hashmi Kajal

The kind of product that defines quality, this kajal is what every girl needs ATM! Smudge and waterproof, you can now roam around for the entire day and not have to worry about the heat waves messing up your eye makeup..  

Nelf USA

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Which of these will you buy first?!

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Published on May 31, 2017
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