Best long hairstyles to make your summers fun!

Best long hairstyles to make your summers fun!

Come summer, and many of us chop off our lovely long locks because well, summer is when you don’t want your hair to be too long, unmanageable and all over you, not forgetting that long hairstyles take time. However, if you’re among those who just won’t part with their gorgeous long tresses, we have for you 10 awesome long hairstyles that are perfect for the summer. Not only will they make you look great, they’ll make your hair easy to handle as well. Have a look at these hairstyles for long hair, ladies.

1. Summer Chic

1 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Shaleena Nathani on Instagram

Deepika Padukone is blessed with long, lush hair and no one out there is better than her for some hair-spiration, ladies. These long hairstyles are easy and chic to pull off for your evening out with friends. Part your hair at the centre and make a neat, low bun at the nape of your neck. Use some hairspray to tame any flyaways and secure that bun with enough hair pins.  

2. Of Braids & Half Buns

2 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Shutterstock

While the half top-knot has always looked badass, this is a great way to give your long hairstyles a little twist with it. Start braiding the centre section of your hair right from the hairline. Then tease that braid from either side to add some volume. After that, collect the entire braid in a top-knot and you’re good to go! This will ensure that your hair is off your face, and it looks ultra stylish too.    

3. Pony Up Pretty

3 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Ami Patel on Instagram

How cutesy does Alia Bhatt’s look with long hairstyles? If you have medium to long length hair, this is just the ponytail to make for your next date. Neatly comb out your hair and collect all of it in a high ponytail. Then separate a section of your ponytail, and wrap that around the hair tie. Place some bobby pins right under the pony to ensure it doesn't droop and remains perky all through the evening.

4. Messy Magic

4 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Bipasha Basu Singh Grover on Instagram

The messy side braid makes for long hairstyles that you can totally do for a wedding or a day out with the girls. Make a side parting and collect all the hair on one side. Braid it and then pull all the sections of the braid to make it appear more voluminous and messy. You can let a few tendrils loose too for that perfectly undone look. Stunning, isn’t it?

5. Side Bun, Anyone?

5 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Shutterstock

When it comes to the side bun, there are multiple kinds and all of them are great long hairstyles to sport in the summer. To do this hairstyle in a more simple way, all you have to do is collect all the hair on one side, barring the section right above the ear. Then, take the separated section and braid it up across the back, till where the rest of the hair is collected. After this, form a bun right behind the other ear. Tug at this bun and the braid to give it a teased and tousled look, and voila! This one’s so elegant!

6. Twisted Tricks

6 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Ami Patel on Instagram

For those with curly hair, this one is such a stylish hairdo, and such an easy one at that. Make a parting that suits your face and separate one section of the hair on either side. Twist both these sections till the back of your head and pin it all up properly. You’re sure to look so dreamy in this hairstyle.  

7. (K)Not So Ordinary

7 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Shutterstock

Give a regular high bun a stylish twist with this hairdo for long hairstyles. First, make a high pony and separate the lower section of the pony from the rest of it. Use the rest of the hair to make a bun. Then, braid the other section up and wrap it around the bun. Now won’t that look just so fashionable?!  

8. Curls & Charisma

8 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

Ladies, nothing beats how romantic loose curls look for long hairstyles. With the help of a hair dryer or a large-barrel curling iron, make in and out curls towards the ends and leave your hair loose over your shoulders. This one’s a classic and is bound to make you look oh-so-dreamy.

9. Bun-tastic

9 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

A half bun with flicks framing the face on either side - now that’s a hairdo many of us would like for long hairstyles. To look just like Sonam, make a bun using the top half section of your hair. Let the loose hair in the bottom half of your head fall over either shoulders and pull out some flicks to make this hairdo look all the more stunning.

10. Side-swept & Sexy

10 hairstyles for long hair

Image: Jacqueline Fernandez on Instagram

For that special date you have planned, go for such long hairstyles, girls. Make a deep side parting and collect all the hair in a neat and tight side ponytail right behind the ear. Use some spray to keep the hair in place throughout the evening and use bobby pins as and where required for the sleek effect.