20 Awesome Body Odour Products That’ll Keep Embarrassment At Bay!

20 Awesome Body Odour Products That’ll Keep Embarrassment At Bay!

This story was updated in February 2019.

Come summer and our sweat glands go into overdrive in the sweltering heat! Lots of sweating inevitably leads to body odour. And ladies, you definitely don’t want that to be an issue, do you? So, to save you from this not-so-pleasant situation, we give you a list of 20 genius products that will fight all sorts of body odour, and ensure that you smell like a dream all through this hot summer!

Best Products For Body Odour For You!

Thankfully, the beauty industry has come up with a couple of products for body odour that will help you along your way, so read on and have your pick from our list of absolute best!

1. The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

1 fight body odour

This light and floral body mist by The Body Shop will make you smell and feel, fresh as a daisy! One of the absolute best of body odour products, just spritz some on before you head out for the day, and then use some more as and when needed, during the course of the day. The sweet smell is sure to make you fall in love with it.

Price: Rs 3,999. Buy it here.

2. Avon Little Black Dress Deodorant Roll-On

2 fight body odour

Nothing fights the pungent smell of sweat better than a good roll-on antiperspirant deo. This one by Avon has scents of honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood and cashmere musk. Roll on some of this and smell fresh throughout the day! And what’s more you get the benefit of two for the price of one!

Price: Rs 430. Buy it here.

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3. Nike Magic Passion Deodorant Spray

3 fight body odour

This Nike deo promises to provide you with 24-hour protection against excessive sweat and body odour problems, which makes it one of the best products for body odour out there! The sweet and feminine smell is bound to make you carry this with you at all times.

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

4. The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Foot Spray

4 fight body odour

Sweaty feet can really give an unpleasant smell. Tackle this problem by spraying on this lemongrass infused foot spray. Not only does it cool your feet, but also leaves an endearing scent on them. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

Price: Rs 545. Buy it here.

5. Streax Perfumed Body Mist - Oriental Blossom

5 fight body odour

The dreamy smell of oriental blossom on you, all day long - now who wouldn’t want that?! Get yourself a bottle of this Streax body mist and say bye-bye to all your body odour woes!

Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

6. Ginni Clea Cleansing & Make-Up Remover Wipes - Rose

6 fight body odour

Rose scent-infused cleansing wipes are just what you need in your bag to smell and feel fresh at all times. One of the best products for body odour out there, this is all you need to make you feel fresh all day long! On a hot summer day, wipe your underarm area and neck with these wipes and have the sweet smell of roses linger on your body for hours on end.

Price: Rs 30. Buy it here.

7. Oriflame Sweden Nature Secrets Shower Gel - Mint & Raspberry

7 fight body odour

Start your day right with this mint and raspberry scented body wash. One of our absolute favourite products for body odour, the fruity fragrance of this shower gel will leave a pleasant smell on your body that will also keep the body odour at bay for quite a while.

Price: Rs 429. Buy it here.

8. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume

8 fight body odour

A good perfume is a must when it is that sweaty smell that you’re attempting to get rid of. The Green Tea Scent Spray by Elizabeth Arden is every bit refreshing and dreamy. Spritz some onto your underarm area, behind your ears and on your neck before heading out for a long day.

Price: Rs 3, 220. Buy it here.

9. The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil


Perfume oils are infused with a strong fragrance that stays on for longer than you can even imagine. This one, with musk oil in it, is a great one to have on your dresser and is one of our favourite body odour products. It is extremely fragrant and oh-so-fresh. Grab a bottle already!

Price: Rs 4,000. Buy it here.

10. Helios Foot Fresh Odour Control

10 fight body odour

As the name suggests, this odour control foot spray will ensure your sweaty feet don’t reek. Spray it on before you put on your footwear and you should be just fine.

Price: Rs 170. Buy it here.

11. Victoria’s Secret Secret Charm Body Mist Deodorant Spray

11 fight body odour

Charm that crush of yours as you spray on the sweet smell of this body mist. The floral fragrance is long-lasting and so dreamy, you’re sure to absolutely love it! Order it now, won’t you?

Price: Rs 1,999. Buy it here.

12. Oriflame Sweden Silk Beauty White Glow Deodorant Roll-On

12 fight body odour

This alcohol-free antiperspirant roll-on deo contains African rooibos extract that will soothe your skin in the scorching heat. One of the very best products for body odour out there, the good part is that it will leave you smelling fresh all day. Also, it leaves no marks on the skin either!

Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

13. Enchanteur Perfumed Talc Charming

13 fight body odour

A fragranced talcum powder works wonders as it controls excessive sweating and keeps body odour at bay. Dab some of this one on after a shower and you’re sure to smell like a bunch of flowers all day long!

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

14. Fuschia Choco Butter

14 fight body odour

Imagine this - the yummy scent of cocoa butter all over your body. And not only will this take care of any body odour issues thanks to its overpowering fragrance, it will also keep your skin hydrated. Quite a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

15. Engage Woman Deodorant Blush

15 fight body odour

Of the many products for body odour, the woody, musky smell of this deodorant is a pleasure to have on you! Want to smell amazing all day, every day this summer? All you have to do is get yourself this deo and spray it on as and when you feel sweaty and dull.

Price: Rs 190. Buy it here.

16. Nivea Fresh Natural Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant


We all know that body odour is mostly caused due to excessive sweat generated in our bodies. This roll on deodorant by Nivea is the perfect solution to your body odour woes! This anti-perspirant roll-on promises your underarms protection upto 48 hours, so you can go on and enjoy your day!

Price: Rs 185. Buy it here.

17. Davidoff Cool Water Woman Deodorant Spray


This deodorant spray by Davidoff is one summer essential that you must absolutely have in your makeup kit! Perfect for a summer day out, a few spritz from this bottle of wonder will have you smelling fresh in no time, and will have you saying goodbye to body odour in a jiffy!

Price: Rs 1,800. Buy it here.

18. Yardley London - English Rose Deo For Women


Say goodbye to body odour with this rose scented deodorant by Yardley London! One of our absolute favourite products for body odour out there, this one gives you a fresh blast of fragrant roses that will get rid of body odour in no time!

Price: Rs 190. Buy it here.

19. United Colors of Benetton Pink Deodorant Body Spray


Be it a work out session at the gym or just your normal day at the college, this body spray by UCB always will always have your back when it will come to body odour! Don’t trust us? Give it a try!

Price: Rs 390. Buy it here.

20. Calvin Klein One Deodorant Body Spray


We saved the best for the last! This amazing deodorant by Calvin Klein is a classic on its own that will have you saying bye-bye to body odour in style! And the best part? It can be used by both you and your bae!

Price: Rs 1,125. Buy it here.

Get yourself these products and smell like a dream this season, ladies!

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