Twinning With Bae: 15 Perfumes You Can Share With *Him*

Twinning With Bae: 15 Perfumes You Can Share With *Him*

Ladies, sharing the same perfume bottle with your man can give the rest of the world #CoupleGoals! It could become both of your signature scents and for all you know, you could even start a trend together! Whether you’re fond of spicy, fruity, musky or floral scents, we bet you’ll find your dream perfume from this list. Are you ready to check them out? Awesome! Here are 15 fragrances for men AND women!

1. Chocolate Fantasy Eau de Parfum

1 fragrances for men and women

Doesn’t this perfume bottle look like a big bar of chocolate? We think so too! The scent is divine and it has the power to make your skin smell sinfully delicious as well. Don’t believe us? Ask your boyfriend! He’ll agree to that fact too..

Price: Rs 295 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

2. Velvet Touch In the Red Eau de Parfum

2 fragrances for men and women

Looking for a spicy, seductive fragrance? Maybe you should give this one a shot! Wherever you go, you and your boyfriend are bound to attract attention. Did we mention that the bottle looks drop dead gorgeous? Red for the win anyday!

Price: Rs 360 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

3. Momentz Love You Always Eau de Parfum

3 fragrances for men and women

Declare your love for each other by using this perfume. Drawing you closer into each other’s arms, one whiff is all it takes for him to fall in love with you all over again. Packed with scents of apricot and vanilla, this perfume should be in every couple’s wish list!

Price: Rs 445 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

4. Ferrari Pure Lavender Eau de Toilette

4 fragrances for men and women

If you and your man love scents of floral and wood, this stylish perfume bottle may be your best beauty investment! Because of it’s high price, you may feel a pinch in the pocket at first, but after using it, you’ll know each penny was worth it.

Price: Rs 4,450 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

5. Oriflame Sweden Possess Eau De Parfum

5. fragrances for men and women

From the entire list, this perfume’s bottle looks the coolest. It’s the perfect daytime pick because it’ll make you feel fresh, light and ready to take the world by storm! Remember ladies, scent brews confidence and this perfume has what it takes to make you feel your best.

Price: Rs 1,699 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

6. Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette

6 fragrances for men and women

Even though this perfume costs a bomb, we want you to know that what you see here, is quality at its best. It’s a luxury perfume and if it was a gift given to you by your boyfriend, he probably wants you to think of him every time you use it.

Price: Rs 4,175 for 90 ml. Buy it here.

7. Vablon White Sport Eau de Parfum

7 fragrances for men and women

If you’re a couple who favours quantity over quantity, this perfume is worth it! Bring the two of you closer to each other with this scent, which is the epitome of perfection. Not too musky, not too floral, this fragrance is a must-have for every man and woman!

Price: Rs 315 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

8. Avon Anew Cherish Perfume

8 fragrances for men and women

We have to warn you about using this perfume! The scent is extremely addictive and once you start using it every day, it’ll become your new favourite perfume. Settling on this amazing scent will be the best decision you and bae would make all day.

Price: Rs 699 for 30 ml. Buy it here.

9. Ramco Red Panther Eau de Parfum

9 fragrances for men and women

A stylish couple needs a luxury perfume like this one by their side at all times! We love it because it comes in a sexy red and gold bottle and it promises to last for a good 7 to 8 hours. If that’s not a sweet deal, we don’t know what is!  

Price: Rs 350 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

10. CFS Pure Pink and Blue Heart Combo Perfume Eau de Parfum

10 fragrances for men and women

Take ‘twining’ to a whole new level with this fabulous perfume duo! Tbh, this combo set not only makes an ideal gift to give your partner, but also comes with an affordable price tag. Hurry and pick it up before someone else does!

Price: Rs 660 for 200 ml. Buy it here.

11. Avon Anew PARFUM Eau de Parfum

11 fragrances for men and women

One of the perks of bringing this perfume home is that you can share it with your man as well! Designed for an uber cool couple, the two of you will feel cool on the hottest summer days. Trust us, you’ve got to try it to believe it.

Price: Rs 1,079 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

12. Anna Andre Paris Floralina Perfume Eau de Toilette

12 fragrances for men and women

For lovebirds, this perfume is the best! Whether you choose to wear it on vacation or when meeting family and friends, this perfume will fetch you and your man a bag of compliments! Plus, don’t you think the bottle looks pretty in black as well?

Price: Rs 599 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

13. CLS Just Kiss Me Purple Perfume

13 fragrances for men and women

Going on a dinner date with the love of your life? Don’t forget to spray this baby before you step out! Containing the scents of fresh fruits and flowers, you just know that after your romantic date, a night of passion awaits the two of you.

Price: Rs 311 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

14. Royal Mirage Paradise EDC

14 fragrances for men and women

This majestic perfume is meant for the likes of a royal couple. It contains a beautiful blend of blackberry buds, honeysuckle, sandalwood and jasmine petals! Now you and your beau can smell irresistible all day long.

Price: Rs 749 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

15. Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path EDT

15 fragrances for men and women

Get ready to bathe in the moonlight with your significant other! This perfume smells so dreamy and the bottle looks like a magic potion of love. We bet the two of you will be turning heads wherever you go!

Price: Rs 2,399 for 75 ml. Buy it here.

Which of these will you buy first?!

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