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15 AWESOME Makeup Products That Actually Cost Less Than Rs 100!

15 AWESOME Makeup Products That Actually Cost Less Than Rs 100!

Isn’t it a bummer that most makeup products cost a bomb? Not the ones on this list though... Each makeup product wins in quality and you’d be super happy to know that they’re ALL under 100 bucks! (Yep, you read that right!) Are you ready to go on a mega beauty shopping spree? Yay! Let’s put together the coolest makeup kit out there!

1. Elle18 Kajal

1 Makeup products

This fabulous kajal will not only make your eyes pop, but will also make them look sexy AF. Enriched with almond oil, it’s texture is rich, smooth and black. Did we mention that it lasts all day long? Yep, it’s a steal for the price.   

Price: Rs 85. Buy it here.

2. Blue Heaven Xpression Make Up Stick 100% Waterproof

2 Makeup products

The best way to use this product is to apply it on your skin before your foundation or loose powder. The concealer acts as a base to your foundation and just like magic, it conceals dark circles and any early signs of aging. Isn’t that amazing?

Price: Rs 95. Buy it here.

3. Amura Colour Cosmetics Valentine Oil Control Cake Powder Compact

3 Makeup products

Looking for a powder that works best for oily skin? THIS is the one! While it makes your cheeks look pink and rosy, it also makes your face appear less oily and patchy. Plus, it brightens your skin by making you look photo ready with every dab!

Price: Rs 75. Buy it here.

4. Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

4 Makeup products

Bored of waking up to dull, dry skin? You probably need this BB cream in your life! It brightens skin tone, protects it from getting damaged and keeps it hydrated for 24 hours straight! From providing your skin with the perfect coverage to making it look radiant and smooth, this baby is worth every penny

Price: Rs 58.65. Buy it here.

5. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation - Marble

5 Makeup products

Once you use this foundation, we bet it’ll get you hooked onto it for life! Concealing scars, acne and blemishes like a pro, we think every girl should bring home this fab product. Not to forget that it comes with a pretty tempting price tag!

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

6. Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk

6 Makeup products

What better way to remove makeup by using a product that contains milk and a precious blend of herbs, right? The lemon, grape seed and mint extracts in it remove makeup residue and cleanses skin with ease. It also makes your skin look fresh and clear after every use.

Price: Rs 64. Buy it here.

7. Lakme Insta Liner Eye Liner

7 Makeup products

This liner is water resistant and makes your eyes look bold and confident. The eyeliner accentuates your eye makeup and adds a touch of glam to your entire look. If you’re new to makeup, start off with this eyeliner, the quality is great and easy on the pocket too!

Price: Rs 92. Buy it here.

8. Kronokare The Frizz Kiss - Cooling Explosion Lip Balm Peppermint

8 Makeup products

Get super soft, cool lips with this amazing lip balm. Popularly known for healing cracked lips and making your lips smell deliciously good, this lip balm is a beauty must-have. Enriched vitamin E and a lovely mix of peppermint, shea butter and sunflower drops, we know for a fact that your lips are going to look so damn fine!

Price: Rs 95. Buy it here.

9. Fauve Liquid Mascara

9 Makeup products

A mascara that’s well in the budget and makes your lashes stand out! Which girl wouldn’t want that, right? The good news is that it’s waterproof and long lasting too! All that’s left for you to do right now is add it to your cart!

Price: Rs 67. Buy it here.

10. Olivia Powder Compact 01

10 Makeup products

Doesn’t the packaging look grand and feminine? We think so too. This baby is an oil-free pressed powder that absorbs excess oil from the skin and improves its texture too! In addition, it gives your skin a smooth, matte finish.

Price: Rs 80. Buy it here.

11. Elle 18 Color Pop Matte Lip Color - Moulin Rouge

11 Makeup products

This bold red lipstick is something we bet every girl will love. Each time she applies it, she’ll feel empowered and sexy. Giving your lips a lovely matte finish, this lipstick also keeps your pout moist and hydrated on the driest and hottest of days.

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

12. Makeup Revolution Nail Polish - Who Got the Look

12 Makeup products

Aiming to nail that job interview? This pretty colour is perfect! It’s bright, light and feminine. Looking at it instantly will perk you right up and make you want to bag that job with uttermost confidence.  

Price: Rs 99. Buy it here.

13. Kiss Touch 18 shades color eye shadow

13 Makeup products

18 shades for less than 100 bucks sounds like a sorted deal if you ask us. Shimmer away with any of these shades and we bet you’ll look like a star at any party. From smoky to pastels, feel free to experiment with shades however you like.

Price: Rs 99. Buy it here.

14. Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes

14 Makeup products

What better way to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin than by using these refreshing wipes? They not only make your skin smell sweet but also feel fresh and baby soft. Plus, it keeps the acne at bay too!

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

15. Fugen London - Lip Beautician Chocolate

15 Makeup products

Use this herbal lip balm once and you’ll be addicted to it for life! Made from natural ingredients like coconut, almond and olive oil, it tends to your lips with love and care. In a matter of few days, you will have supple, baby-soft lips!

Price: Rs 80. Buy it here.

Which of these will you buy first?!

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Published on May 4, 2017
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