#ShaadiKeBaad: 11 Things That Will Be Awkward But That's Okay!

#ShaadiKeBaad: 11 Things That Will Be Awkward But That's Okay!

No sooner than you tie the knot, you realise how much your life has changed overnight. No matter what anyone tells you – know that married life is pretty awesome and on days when you have your doubts, just breathe and let things be. Here are a few slightly awkward things that happen after marriage, and take it from us, ladies - it’s absolutely okay!

1. The first night

One of the most awkward (and overrated) things about marriage is the first night. And once you’re done with it, your close family and besties would want to know how ‘fun’ it was! Urgh!

2. And thereafter…

Married sex is different. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been there, done that before marriage or not – this stuff is more awesome because you are more relaxed in your head. Awkward in the beginning, but fun, nevertheless!

3. Decked up beauty

To fit into the newlywed avatar, you have to dress up like nayi dulhan every time you visit your relatives. The bangles and bindi may feel a bit too *Yawwwwwn*… But it’s a short phase that shall pass soon.

3 things that happen after marriage

4. Calling yourself the ‘Mrs’

No matter how prepared you think you are for this, but your new title will take a while to grow on you.

5. Calling his parents yours

And his siblings yours too…weird at first, but then you’ll get used to it.

6. Calling up your parents…

…From your ‘new’ home. Somehow, your own parents seem a bit distant and that will take some getting used to. Sigh!

6 things that happen after marriage

7. The new home

And all its rules and traditions… A.W.K.W.A.R.D! But then hey, this is your new life and it will only get better from here.

8. Baby talk gets real

So what if you plan to have a two-year honeymoon?! Everyone around you wants to know when you’ll be giving them the ‘good news’.

9. Setting your room…together

So the cupboard space is gonna be divided, the room is gonna be shared, and you may have to tone down on your favourite colour for room decor. Well, such is life now, when you share it with someone!

9 things that happen after marriage

10. You learn about his bathroom habits

Even if they are a bit on the unpleasant/ annoying side.

11. Moolah matters

Things are a little difficult initially with merging accounts or handling finances. After all, it isn’t just about yours, but both of our money now – so get used to it, baby!

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