Sunday Shorts: 3 Sweet Tales Of Best Friends Who Fell In Love

Sunday Shorts: 3 Sweet Tales Of Best Friends Who Fell In Love

1. Prince bestie was the ‘ONE’ all along

They say we have to kiss many frogs to find our prince. What if, your prince happens to be your guy bestie? Sounds crazy, right? But that’s how my best friend and I started dating…

At first, I wasn’t attracted to him. In fact, I was already in a serious relationship with a guy from my class. In spite of showering my then-boyfriend with love and attention, none of it was returned. While he was partying with his boy gang, I would be crying on my bestie’s shoulder. He didn’t have to hear my stories, but he patiently did. He knew my favourite flowers, the colour of my eyes, how I liked my eggs cooked, the songs that cheered me up.

After realizing all those sweet things he’s done for me, I wasn’t aware of my feelings for him. Truth was, if he could see me at my worst, I wanted to hold his hand when I was at my best. Before my boyfriend could call it quits, I took the step. Instead of having an old fashioned proposal where the guy goes down on one knee and asks the girl out, I did it for my bestie. Guess what he said?

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2. He waited for me

We were peers at our Chemistry tuition but we became friends on Facebook. As we went to college in separate cities, we would spend hours writing long emails to each other, sharing music and our favourite shows. We were inseparable in a way... except that we only got to meet each other every six months.

One day, out of the blue, he called me - it took me by surprise because he wasn’t quite fond of talking on phone. As an aspiring lawyer he got straight to the point - ‘I love you and I think we should be in a relationship’. I was taken aback by his sudden lack of reserve and didn’t give an answer straightaway. In fact, it took me well over a year to finally admit to myself that I too, was extremely fond of him. And all this while, like a good friend, he stayed by my side and waited. As I confided my feelings over phone, I could hear him slightly whimper on the other side of the line. Since then, we have been friends, lovers and everything in between.   

2 friends who became lovers

3. Cheeseburgers and love!

‘A cheeseburger with extra cheese!’ we said at the same time. First day of college, that’s how we met. There was no going back after that. Those were 3 years of life advice, cribbing, love lessons and tons of cheeseburgers with extra cheese.

The day I realized I actually loved him was a year after college when he told me how he had probably met the girl of his dreams. ‘Really?’ I asked, trying to mask the disappointment in my voice. ‘Yeah, I think she is everything I ever wanted.’ ‘That’s great, I am so happy for you!’ I replied, trying to figure out what would be the best excuse to leave at that moment. ‘She loves everything I love - my favourite movies are her favourite movies, she loves the songs I listen to and she loves cheeseburgers… with extra cheese!’ I looked up at him smiling at me.

There was no going back after that. Now, it’s been 10 years of life advice, cribbing, love lessons and tons of cheeseburgers with extra cheese!

3 friends who became lovers

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